Mit „Lexware kassenbuch“ arbeiten Sie in jedem Alle weiteren Vorteile von „ Lexware kassenbuch“: Kontenrahmen sind hinterlegt (SKR 03, SKR 04, Ärzte. DATEV E-Bilanz-Kontenrahmen SKR 04 Einzelunternehmen DATEV- Kontenrahmen SKR 03 – Kapitalgesellschaften – Barthel. DATEV E-Bilanz-Kontenrahmen SKR 04 Einzelunternehmen DATEV- Kontenrahmen SKR 03 – Einzelunternehmen – Barthel.

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Thank you also for the clarification about tax related information search – I understand better the professional reasons for such a call now, though I don’t accept it in this particular case and not from this particlar tax employee – but life is too short to moan about akr anymore, even though my client was incensed on my behlf.

That was suggested and accounted for with a floorplan by that company from the beginning – I had no idea and less German to sort that out those days ;- What I suggested was setting the second flat off as teaching room expenses in the interim probably not allowable in this case? That employee couldn’t know that Campari was the exception to the rule – a client who was actually willing to get the necessary information herself. We already have a home office in the main residence for both of us as Freiberufler.

What I suggested was setting the second flat off as teaching room expenses in the interim probably not allowable in this case? You need to link VAT codes e. PandaMunich – the tip aboout the software is appreciated! Posted 28 Jun So I suggested setting it off as teaching room expense till I had time to research the second flat thing some more.

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Kontenrahmen Hotels und Gaststätten Basis SKR 03

I’ve never used Managerbut it seems live a very complete solution and does a lot more for you than the others. Bei Nichtgefallen deinstallieren Sie einfach die Software innerhalb von 1 Monat und schicken uns das Deinstallationsprotokoll.

Sparen Sie Zeit und Tipp-Arbeit: Rechtssichere Kassenbuch-Software lexwarre Monat testen. I too am in the same boat and hopelessly lost. Gehen Sie deshalb ab heute auf Nummer sicher: I think I’ll leave it for a while – there maybe big changes ahead after today’s vote anyway: Many thanks in advance.

Accounting software for freelance English teachers?

I’m in the UK and moving to Berlin in a few weeks. Posted 24 Jun All the standard German accounting software packages use the Datev Kontenrahmen, see here.

Schritt 1 von 2. Posted 9 Apr Ob Kassenbuch oder Primanota: Can anyone direct me to a relatively inexpensive software package for keeping track of invoicing and expenses for a freelance English teacher? Started by kontenrahmeh11 Jun freelance account software.

Kontenrahmen Hotels und Gaststätten Basis SKR 03

Suchen Sie auch nach einem einfachen Kassenbuch-Programm? Personally, I like to keep my own books in accounting software so that the amount I pay my accountant at the end of the year is minimised.


Nutzen Sie die hinterlegten Kontenrahmendie gespeicherten Buchungstexte und die automatische Belegnummernvergabe. In the meantime she called up my client to check up on me. Die Wiedervorlagenfunktion erinnert Sie sogar. I’d prefer the operating language in English. Basically, I mean 1 deals in Euros, 2 is set up to handle VAT and other taxes quarterly payments, etc3 deals with mileage, home office, and depreciation according to German tax laws, and 4 can print out properly-formatted invoices.

Bei den allermeisten Kriterien hat der Lexware-Service sehr gut bis gut abgeschnitten …. This was when I wanted to set off my tiny second flat close to work off my tax. Sign In Sign Up.

SKR 03 Englisch

Alle Daten einfach exportieren … Folgende Schnittstellen sind enthalten: I’m hoping that a German steueurberator will offer similar benefit if I can keep reasonable books myself. Posted 11 Jun Paul Eichmann und Dr.

Nor are there any English software packages that use the Datev Kontenrahmen. It doesn’t sound right to me but it might just be a cultural difference.