Libretto, Lakmé: Opera in three acts / Music by Leo Delibes ; Words by Gondinet, and Ph. Gille ; Translated and adapted by Theodore T. Barker. Lakme Libretto – Italian and English Text and Music of the Principal Airs (Grand Opera Librettos) [Leo Delibes, Gondinet, Ph Gille, Theodore T Barker] on. Title, Libretto, Lakme: Opera in Three Acts. Author, Léo Delibes. Translated by, Theodore T. Barker. Publisher, Oliver Ditson & Company, Original from, the .

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We will bid the crowd hither wander, His secret, if he meet thee, Librefto trace, Written plain on his face.

I dived irrocean depths To seek for thee the pearl That thou didst crave. Here, ‘mid this solemn calm profound, Daughter of my caprices, The unknown one now meets mine eyes.

Catalog Record: Libretto, Lakmé : Opera in three acts | Hathi Trust Digital Library

Essayez d’ecarter les bambous! The legend ever is singing — The charmer’s tinkling bell!

Si pourtant vous deviez courir un danger The lady leave now, for I command it! In triumph thro’ the city he strideth. To yon dome fair and bright. Et les deesses bienfaisantes Veillent sur leurs amors.

The crowd around them press. File tiendrait toute en la mienne La main qui seule y pent passer, Prenant un anncau.

Catalog Record: Libretto, Lakmé : Opera in three acts | Hathi Trust Digital Library

Let never foeman stray! The signal bell is tolling. Women are changeable still. De colere fremissante, Inflexible, menagante Avec ce reg-ard d’enfant? A lovely river, all banked with green. Et que vont-ils faire encore? Heav’n, tho’ patient, must weary be growing, etc.


Mats of plants grown in pakme. Thee, my Lakme, daughter thou of the gods! Women are changeable sjtill. Alors Hadji, dans I’ombre se glissant, T’a transporte sous ce toit de verdure, J’ai ramene la vie a ton front palis- sant ; Les filles de ma caste apprennent en naissant Comment le sue des fleurs guerit une blessure.

Systems originating I hate, but remark I will. But Gerald their design shall take. Je te ferais une belle morale Si nous ne partions pas demain, Mais la guerre a du bon, cette fille ideale Ne sera plus sur ton chemin!

He leaves unseen, but Nilakantha finds traces of his visit, and the curtain falls upon the Indian’s oath of vengeance. Wouldst thou then have me forget thee, When my life, since first I met thee. Non, leur lake s’enivre Du plaisir d’aimer, Et pour elles, vivre Ce n’est que charmer!

See, Mallika, the vines all aflower In shadow now are hiding, The calm and sacred stream, so soft- ly, darkly gliding, Tho’ awaken’d by warbling of birds in the bowers. The god of youth so glowing, ‘Tis the fair god of spring, ‘Tis the god on thee bestowing, The kisses warm that cling. Like a nest of timid birds. L’aventure, d’ailleurs, ne te deplait pas.


Men regard le designera! On entend h cloche du marche.

Lakmé | Leo Delibes |

Nous vivrons tous les deux, Et je pourrai t’apprendre L’histoire de nos dieux! Lakme somezvliat more gently.

But where’s Miss Ellen? The action progresses in our time, in one of England’s possessions in India. II faudra y renouncer pour auiour- d’hui, mistress Bentson. Thrice be their joys increas’d, whose homage here is given To the forsaken priest, outraged, jeered at and driven! Two women not the same are, this world over. Cependant, le marche est fini.

Je ne le lui reproche pas.

Tripping o’er em’rald mosses — Sees Gerald for the first time; much affected. Lakme, Lakme, tu pleures.

You will call to say goodbye? Si tu as un ennemi a punir, parle The venture pleases you. Je hais tous les systemes, J’observe tout simplement Sans faire de poemes. Voyez cette ville en fete, Et ces cris et ces hourrahs! And the power that still doth guard me Will just punishment award thee. Sooner or later strikes tlT? La, je pourrai t’entendre.