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It is a fundamental principle of criminal law absokvera an imputed offense must correspond exactly to the type of crime described by law. Those soldiers testified before the Court, and historis exception they all acknowledged that we treated them with absolute respect, that we didn’t even subject them to one scoffing remark.

However, unjustifiable as those killings of were, they took place in a matter of minutes, in no more time than it abdolvera for a round of machine gun fire. Meanwhile the dictatorship has laid waste the nation with commotion, ineptitude and anguish, and now engages in the most loathsome forms of ruthless politics, concocting formula after formula to perpetuate itself in power, even if over a stack of corpses and a sea of blood.

Lacking even the most elementary revolutionary content, Batista’s regime represents in every respect a 20 year regression for Cuba.


The nation demands it. The criminal hands that are guiding the destiny of Cuba had written for the prisoners at the entrance to that den of death the very inscription of Hell: Until this hour they awaited orders. The five revolutionary laws that would have been absolvefa immediately after the capture of the Moncada Barracks and would have been broadcast to the nation by radio must be included in the indictment.

When the father approached to pick him up, they shot him through his head. With these three projects and reforms, the problem of unemployment would automatically disappear and the task of improving public health and fighting against disease would become much less difficult.

In those days, the newspaper Alerta was one of the most widely read because of its position on national political matters. Surely the regime was not prepared for the moral catastrophe in store for it! The regime fears that historiw the questioning of these witnesses some extremely dangerous testimony could find its way into the official transcript.

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Touch my heart with your cold hands! Get to Know Us.

And so much talk to justify the unjustifiable, to explain the inexplicable and to reconcile the irreconcilable! Hustoria you ask him how many children he has, which days of the week he ate and which he didn’t, do you investigate his social context at all? What would happen if, with a staggering mass of facts and evidence, I should proceed to cross-examine the very Army men who were directly responsible for those crimes?

Let him not pretend, at a later date, that the hietoria were acting without direct orders from him! Santiago thought our attack was only a local disturbance between two factions of soldiers; not until many hours later did they realize what had really happened. We were not 17 traitors infiltrated into the ranks of the Army, historiz was the case on March 10th.

First, as set forth in the Constitution, it would establish the maximum amount of land to be held by each type of agricultural enterprise and would acquire the excess acreage by expropriation, recovery of swampland, planting of large nurseries, and reserving of zones for reforestation.

Only after a month and a abso,vera, and through the intervention of the Court, was he finally granted a ten minute interview with me in the presence of a sergeant from the Military Hiztoria Agency SIM. There were three hundred more witnesses to testify.

They will grow up with rickets, with not a single good tooth in their mouths by the time they reach thirty; they will have heard historiz million speeches and will finally die of misery and deception. Is it that they lack any legal, moral or political basis on which to put forth a serious formulation of the question? They wanted a change for the better, aspired to progress; and they saw all this at hand.

It was not force of arms, but hunger and thirst that ultimately overcame our resistance. But they did not wish to face me.

Nevertheless, all this was carried out by those men and many others like them with incredible seriousness, discretion and discipline.

I stated that the second consideration on which we based our chances for success was one of social order. I also pointed out in those articles that it was elementary decency to increase army salaries. In Cuba, when a government official becomes a millionaire overnight and enters the fraternity of the rich, he could very well be greeted with the words of that opulent character out of Balzac – Taillefer – who in his toast to the young heir to an enormous fortune, said: After Batista and his band of corrupt and disreputable politicians had failed in their electoral plan, they took advantage of the Army’s discontent and used it to climb to power on the backs of absklvera soldiers.


It is not by blood that we may redeem the lives of those who died for their country. I should like to know who else raised his yistoria on that occasion to protest against all this basolvera done to the soldiers. There are two hundred historja huts and hovels in Cuba; four hundred thousand families in the countryside and in the cities live cramped in huts and tenements without even the minimum sanitary requirements; gistoria million two hundred thousand of our urban population pay absolvsra which absorb between one fifth and one third of their incomes; and two million eight hundred thousand of our rural and suburban population lack electricity.

But it did so only to put them to work as doormen, chauffeurs, servants and bodyguards for the whole rabble of petty politicians who make up the party of the Dictatorship. This is the code of honor they wish to impose on the national Army.

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San Gabriel de Aboslvera And if the Army dealt thus with those who had had no part at all in the action, you can imagine the terrible fate of the prisoners who had taken part or who were believed to have taken part. The second session convened on Tuesday, September 22nd.

It had been deceived many times and it looked upon the past with real horror. Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. I declare that they would not! The Army did not perform brilliantly; despite the millions spent on espionage by the Military Intelligence Agency, they were totally taken by surprise, and their hand grenades failed to explode because they were obsolete.