Industrial furnace. Fig. 3 Schematic representation of the Kyropoulos method. Pull. Seed. Crucible. Crystal. Melt. Bottom heater. Thermal insulation. Side heater . The Czochralski (CZ) method of crystal growth was discovered in by Jan In the Kyropoulos method, pure alumina powder is placed in a crucible and. Kyropoulos method. The method was developed in and consists from smooth crystal growth at low temperature gradient. And lowered melt level.

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Advanced Topics on Crystal Growth. The physics involved in the Verneuil process, virtually unchanged from its original design, limit the size and shape of items that can be produced. It is most often used for mechanical, industrial and kyroppulos optical applications.

The resulting methood has good optical qualities, and is used widely in lasers, infrared and ultraviolet windows, transparent electronic substrates, high-temperature process windows, and other optical applications. Lyropoulos Kyropoulos process often referred to as the KY process for sapphire crystal growth was developed in the s in the Soviet Union.

CS1 German-language sources de. The EFG method provides the ability to produce various shapes that are not possible with other technologies, and therefore saves costs associated with machining and other finishing processes. Intechnician Harold Labelle was enlisted by Tyco Industries in Waltham, MA to develop a process for growing sapphire fibers as reinforcement for metal-matrix compounds.

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The growth rate is controlled by slowly decreasing the temperature of the furnace until the entire melt has solidified. Start the vacuum system, the furnace pressure to l T3Pa. Germanium-doped directionally solidified casting monocrystalline silicon and preparation method thereof. Method to restrain bubbles in process of growing sapphire by using kyropoulos method. Example particular embodiment of the present process is as follows: The Czochralski method poduced material in thin crystal filaments, and Verneuil boules had basic dimensional limitations.


The primary use for Verneuil-grown sapphire and ruby today is still for synthetic sapphire and ruby gemstones, watch jewels and watch windows. After being modified by the State Optical Institute in Russia, this method became applicable to the growth kytopoulos sapphire. The resulting process was essentially a Czochralski technique with the benefit of crystal shape control.

Crystal growth equipments for sapphire crystals using the Kyropoulos method

After 15 hours, the crystalline mass reaches 2 kg, O. This growth technique is ideal for materials with low thermal conductivity and a high degree of thermal expansion, the combination of which can make crystal material vulnerable to various imperfections unless grown and cooled in a low-stress environment.

Rapid growth of this cone increases the density of macro- and microdefects, so the growth rate at this stage must be reduced. Kyropolous grown sapphire is ideal for many optical applications including electronics substrates, IR detectors, fiber-optic lensesoptics windows, missile domes, lenses, probes, lasersand manufacturing.

Process for preparing gallium doped elementarysubstance solar energy single crystal. The use of such a facility some what expedites the control of the crystallization course for operators. Czochralski Method CZ The Czochralski CZ method of crystal growth was discovered in by Jan Czochralski — and was the fortunate result of an accident and insightful observation.

Cold core shouldering micropulling proparation method of large size sapphire single crystal. The ratio of the diameter to the height may change within the interval of 3: A precisely oriented seed crystal is dipped into the molten alumina. Attempts to produce extra large boules using this method have proven largely unsuccessful due to cracking during the cooling process.

The size and aspect ratio of the crucible is close to that of the final crystal, and the crystal grows downward into the crucible, rather than being pulled up and out of the crucible as in the Czochralski method. The Kyropoulos method is used to grow sapphire crystals with a diameter exceeding mm and a weight larger than 80 kg.


methkd CN CNB en. Eventually, dies were added with orifices of the size and shape of the desired crystal. Instead of dipping his pen in its inkwell, he mistakenly dipped it in the crucible and quickly pulled it out.

One evening, Czochralski left a crucible with molten tin on his desk and began writing notes. After 15 hours after the step of closing the shoulder, when the crystalline mass reaches 5 kg, at a speed O. The spring cancels the torsional kyropou,os of the pulling gear.

At the final stage of growth the conditions change again.

A method of reducing the large size of the sapphire crystal bubbles Kyropoulos. The chamber is then backfilled with an inert gas to prevent the introduction of atmospheric gases into the melt during crystal growth. The first of these is observed at the initial growth stage and corresponds to the increase in radiant heat removal from the growing seed. Sapphire crystal growing furnace heat field, crystal growing furnace with heat field and crystal growing process of crystal growing furnace.

The resulting crystals typically have curved growth striations, which limits their use in optical applications. With this highly controlled thermal-gradient, the Kyropoulos method yields large-diameter boules of very high optical quality due to its high purity.

For this device, the accuracy of crystal weight measurement is 1 g.

Kyropoulos process

Kyropoulous Method The Czochralski method poduced material in thin crystal filaments, and Verneuil boules had basic dimensional limitations. Although it is typically associated today with high-tech applications such as LEDs and kyropouloss windows, the production of industrial sapphire dates back to the late 19 th century, when A.

When crystallization is complete, the furnace temperature and the gas flow are decreased and the crystal boule slowly anneals.