Find great deals for Intermatic CA InTouch Wireless Multi-volt vac Contactor Module. Shop with confidence on eBay!. How to wire Intermatic CA 30 amp Z-wave remote contactor. 10 year warranty through 30 amp x 80% = 24 amp safe maximum 25 amp motor. Intermatic CA 2 channel z-wave contactor volt zwave contactor 40 amp 2 channel operation means contactor can be set for SPST so both.

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If I report intrematic it works, but it does not work for you, chances are it will start working for you in the near future.

Add black tape near end of white wire when white wire carries voltage. Use any z-wave or X10 module in place of timer located on top of gas water heater timer Resource: Match breaker and wire size. Water heater, incandescent light bulb Saves money during peak electric. How to install gas water heater Troubleshoot gas water heater Troubleshoot electric water heater. Always use wire connectors to fasten electric cable to enclosure.

Do not connect 20 amp load to 30 amp wires.

How to wire Intermatic CA

For 3-phasethen single pole breaker will give V If service isthen a single pole breaker will give V If service is High leg, the either or are available Fused disconnect required on 3-phase line and timer in commercial applications Resource: Programmable timers Woods timers. Zwave is mesh network. Need specific drawing for your application? Use 10 gauge wire Range 50′ indoor, ‘ outdoor. Therefore the GE Contactor device is ready to interoperate with any Z-wave controller. DPST means both and are switched at same moment.


Retrieved from ” http: This website uses VV.

Intermatic CA3750 InTouch Wireless Multi-Volt 120-277VAC Contactor Module

Locate cut-off next to CA or short reach away Ca37750 these to lower terminals on cut off. See new water heating ideas Inductive loads pull many amps during start up. Up to watt residential non-simultaneous each water heater can be controlled by 30 amp breaker and 30 amp CA Typical residential water heater is intermstic non-simultaneous Same wiring shows below.

When is off, lower element is off. See wire color code and amp ratings.

Intermatic CA3750 InTouch Wireless Multi-volt 120-277vac Contactor Module

Adding black tape will signal that wire carries power Resource: Z-wave information packets are too small. Signal will travel through walls and floors. Inclusion in this Wiki is a very good indicator of intdrmatic, but is not a guarantee. Most zwave devices today are auto-inclusion type and will automatically seek the network signal. Each relay is on-off switch. Both systems control electric and electronic devices.

Or locate ZW in clear view of other nodes in the network. Wiring diagrams start here. How long do z-wave batteries last?

Dry ca3570 allow each relay to handle different voltages or any AC voltage you choose. It is against code to turn V circuit on-off by cutting white neutral wire without also cutting power to black hot wire.

Always keep enclosure intermayic cover closed. No hot wire connects to terminal 3, contactor wires connect to terminals 1 and 4 3 pole Volt coil 40 amp V coil at Amazon 60 amp V coil at Amazon 75 amp V coil at Amazon amp V coil at Amazon amp V coil at Amazon Mars 2-pole and 3-pole contactors at Amazon Resources: Install and troubleshoot garbage disposal.


How to wire CA z-wave contactor + Zwave basics

When wi-fi manufacturers change software or upgrade system or consolidate into one corporation that owns all wi-fi, you might need to replace devices, or upgrade ‘package.

Low amount of information is passed between controller and jntermatic, and to possible outside parties. Non-fusable means there is no breaker or fuse inside the cut-off box. This for safety and to help suppress surge events.

Purpose to protect anyone working on electricity outside CA has Nema 3R enclosure. At the factory, controllers are given unique Home-id number.

Several walls reduce distance to feet. CA is single phase. Are z-wave networks secure? Older model remote control does not work with z-wave PE series is made to work in swimming pool environment, with low voltage compartment for switching off 24 volt swimming pool light, and control pool pump and spa aerator and interface with freeze control etc Buy: Of course your information is available to all other interested parties around the globe, for a price.