No part of this manual may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without prior written consent of Huawei Technologies Co. Huawei reserves the right to make changes or improvements to any The product described in this manual may include copyrighted software. Etisalat USB Modem (Huawei / ZTE) with its software installed on the Computer OR SIM Card Uncheck to select “Apply to all contacts” in order to have manual selection for the mobile numbers saved in the SIM card. Ex: Huawei E

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The modem prompted for an unlock code and this dude kept guessing till he entered it incorrectly ten times.

Product Description HUAWEI E153 HSDPA USB Stick V100R001

I decided to try flashing the e53 and re-installed the firmware but still, the unlock buawei still read Before the modem finally became useable again, I did three things to flash it:. Like I said earlier, upgrading the firmware did not reset the unlock counter which read 10 out of I had to reset the counter with a software first.

Of course, you can still do it if you want to unlock your modem and anyway.

This should both unlock your modem and reset the counter at the same time. You can download it from their official website but I prefer and recommend dc-files. Now to upgrade the firmware, unzip the firmware update you downloaded and double-click the.

Do not remove your modem and be sure you have enough poer on your laptop or UPS to last for about 30 minutes. This only happens when the new firmware version is different from the existing one on the device. Remember the Flash code you generated earlier? Just wait till you see a message that looks like this:. Even with an upgraded firmware, I was still seeing that same dashboard manuql came from 3 network.

I had to install a different dashboard to make me use our network provider settings here in Nigeria. Thanks much for the various links, especially that to huawie.

However i got some issues: I have a cdma huawei ec that is said to be unlocked, just that the IMEI is mixed with letters and characters. That is my second problem. Is there a way out of this?

Huaweo this one also require to purchase the credits? I hope the previous updates are also available for utility anytime because they are useful information. Nice one the don. This came in just when I needed it the most. There is a modem a friend gave me to unlock that has been showing me serious shege! I truly gbadu your works and am eager to learn from you. Sent you a facebook friend request and following you on twitters.

  JRC 2903D PDF

I love this post of yours, am about to practicalise it. You can either use DC Unlocker as explained here or generate the code using Huawei unlock code calculator.

How to Flash Huawei USB Modems (and Re-Install the Firmware)

Hello Don, my mtn zte modem stop working after attempting to unlock it using the steps you outlined. Though my computer detects it, nut it cannot install the software again. You may have to check elsewhere.

Sir, i have modem Huawei E The link for Firmware Update is not accessible, please make a provision for it sir, am in need of it. Hi thx for this great tut, I have a small problem though, when I do all the updates, my modem can only operate on the 2G network not 3G as it was before, any ideas?

Why not confirm from other users? Have you tried DC Unlocker? Aug 13 Qualcomm MSM Voice feature: Locked customized firmware Wrong codes entered: Please help, I have a huawei modem E but unfortunately for me the my laptop shutdown in the middle of the firmware upgrade. Now my modem will only blink the green light when connected to the system but nothing else. Have you tried re-installing the firmaware after that? I used to have it but I use a different modem now.

I recently tried to upgrade my Modem egg firmware. I have tried installing another dashboard but when I Inserted the modem into a PC, no action as in nothing comes up. Hi, pls i hav an mtn moderm Zte Model: Thanx 4 d tut Don C. During firmware upgrade of Glo bolt Es-1, it gives me Error code How do i go about resetting d counter, cos Huawei Modem unlocker by Intelli-sense dos not reset it?

Thanks for the compliment, Simple.

Is the modem already unlocked? No, I unlocked a MTN huawei e with ease using the upgrading method and it went fine. So in short, I cant unlock it with all the possible huawej of unlocking modems.

Huawei E – Fix An Issue – MTN

Hi, thank you for this excellent post. The huawei unlocker is not automatically or manually recognising my Vodafone K huawei modem. Could you tell me if there is any way to do that? You can try DC-Unlocker. Thank you for your reply. I mnual DC-Unlocker 2 Client 1. Though I unlocked it using DFS and followed all d procedures without any fail.

How to Flash Huawei USB Modems (and Re-Install the Firmware)

Initially it was downloading its program to my device very promptly,…but uuawei it was a very small amt remaining it got stucked ,the progressing notification was also stopped…I waited for nearly 20 mins,nothing happened…though it was warned not to stop the application or remove the device while downloading,how long Huwaei would wait??? I also saw that the firmware application is not using processor and it just hanged…. Howevr,after removing my device it re inserted it and win XPwin7 everything is showing it is a corrupted device…I became so upset….


It was not my fault…I did every single instruction very cautiously…now what will I do?? Is dre any way to recover it, It tried with the huwaei firmware updater again and again. I am totally fed up…any suggestion will be appreciated,please help me out suggesting a way before throw the rs.

Flashing a manaul or modem or mobile device can be risky. The data card in not connected to PC. Other program is using the data card. You don not huswei the authority of the administrator.

Please help me to get it unlocked. Hi, I have this crazy E 3. The first time i slotted-in a different sim, i was told invalid sim.

I got interested in unlocking the modem after reading your blog. I even tried using the Huaweii modem unlocker also from your blogupdated the firm ware and the dash board using the methods u described. My crazy modem still refuses to unlock. Please, I need your help. It could be that the version of the modem unlocker you downloaded is too old to unlock the modem.

You may need to get the latest version from the official site and buy some credits to unlock it. Hi, I have a bettle ZTE mf 3g modem and it is not showing in the computer.

So what should i do to make it correct. Hi, I have a vodafone huawei hsdp modem and it is not showing in the computer. It normally should be detected unless the flashing process was interrupted midway which may result in permanently damaging the modem.

However when i plug in the broadband its claim that its unplugged and it cant detect any signal. Should i reset it and how to do it? But still doesnt work for win 7. How to update the Mobilink software with newer version? I had got this error One of the following reasons may cause the errors: What else can I do? Hi dude…Please help me to unlock my permanenetly locked Huawei Es datacard…. The led indicator turns blue and a matter of minute or second it turns green and the network indicator turns to zero bar.

I updated the firmware and still it does the same. Good day Mr DonC,I hope all is well with u? Please do I need to insert an Airtel SIM card on it before using the first software during the first stage?? Hello don please help me my modem is not accepting any sim again is always saying no sim while sim is inside please help bro. It was made clear in the article that this is a risky process that may damage your device. I have install firmware acc.