Hewlett-Packard 10BII Tutorial. Page 2. The GOLD and PURPLE shift keys. The two shift keys allow the user to access specific functions the calculator can. To begin, look at the face of the calculator. Every key (except two, the gold and purple shift keys) on the hp 10bii (HP10BII) has two or possibly three functions. It updates the functionality of the earlier HP 10bII since the introduction of the original HP 10B HP 10bII+ Plus Tutorial: Buy HP 10bII Financial Calculator.

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Otherwise, you may find that numbers left over from previous problems will interfere with the solution to this one. On Jul, M wrote: We want to find the present value. Enters initial cash flow of zero. That’s it, the calculator is ready to go. Enter the data as follows: If you know the interest rate, then we can solve tutofial the amount of time that it will take for the present value to grow to the future value by solving for N.

This gold button tutkrial like the typewriter shift key. Please help me by showing me the mistake I have made. Here is an example for doing SD on the 10bII The answer you get should be Your reply to Khabazela On Feb, Anonymous wrote: This page requires Javascript. Europe, Middle East, Africa. Tutorlal is disabled in this browser. A third possible function is noted in purple over the key.

The is a toggle key that switches back and forth between the regular and the gold functions. Asia Pacific and Oceania.

If you entered 5, it would display 5 positions to the right of the decimal. If it isn’t there, please drop me a note and I’ll try to answer the question. Thus, by hitting the gold shift key first, we are activating the gold function above the ON key, which is the off function.


Hey, I am trying calculate amortization for ph loans, all the steps seem right as I go along but my answers always come out short between dollars short. See your browser’s documentation for specific instructions. First, clear by pressing.

Your reply to Anonymous On Aug, Catnell replied: Example of calculating a discounted contract with uneven cash flows The opportunity exists to purchase a contract with the following cash flows:. Are you a student? Keep that in mind because it can help you to spot incorrect answers due to a wrong input. We will not need the purple shift key in this tutorial. Press 0then CFj. One other adjustment is important.

Note that the gold shift key is near the lower left corner of the calculator keyboard.

HP 10BII Tutorial – Lump Sums |

The Virtual Agent is currently unavailable. Calculator symbol key The procedures in this document use the following text to represent symbol keys:. If you don’t make either the PV or FV a negative tutoriial and the other one positivethen you will get No Solution on the screen instead of the answer. For business purposes, we will be focusing on the white and gold functions.

How does HP install software and gather data? If the picture at right doesn’t match your calculator, you may have an original HP 10B.

HP10BII Ordinary Annuities

Hit 1, red shift, PMT. Over built-in functions that are easy to access without the use of menus, and are well marked making functions intuitive.

Can standard deviation be done on this calculator? Let’s try a new problem:. Please try again shortly.


These changes really increase the functionality provided on this entry-level financial calculator. This is the classic type of problem that we can quickly approximate using the Rule of Your reply to Anonymous On Sep, Anonymous wrote: Calculating internal rate of return. Your reply to Anonymous 10biu Oct, Anonymous replied: A common mistake that results in this message is putting the wrong sign on a cash flow.

Personally, I like to see five decimal places, but you may prefer some other number. How much should be paid for the contract so that a yearly yield of 15 percent can be earned on the investment? That is a lot of money to invest all at once, but we’ll see on the next page that you can lessen the pain by investing smaller amounts each year. Please tell me how to line it up so that I can have the correct answers.

These calculators differ slightly, so you may prefer the HP 10B tutorial. Please note that in the following text the orange key is referred tutoral as Shift because it is used to shift to the orange-colored function below the key that is pressed next.

This requires that you understand the calculations that the calculator is doing and the relationships between the variables. I will keep the examples rather elementary, but understanding the basics is all that is necessary to learn the calculator.