HIRURGIJA: udžbenik za medicinare i lekare. [Sava Petković; Stanislav Publisher: Beograd ; Zagreb: Medicinska knjiga, Edition/Format: Print book . Hirurgija: udžbenik za medicinare i lekare. [Savo Petković; Stanislav Publisher : Beograd ; Zagreb: Medicinska knjiga, Edition/Format: Print book. Get this from a library! Hirurgija: za III razred srednjeg usmjerenog vaspitanja i obrazovanja-zdravstvene struke. [Esad Drino].

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The third section is devoted to microsurgical reconstruction including flap refinements, tips and tricks, as well as advice on handling difficult situations.

Guidubaldo Querci Rovere, John R. It then discusses pre- peri- and postoperative issues of importance before examining the evolution of bariatric procedures.

John de Groots magnificent surgical drawings on functional reconstructive nasal surgery is now available in a new and updated second edition. This beautifully illustrated atlas comprehensively examines techniques hirurgijx managing aesthetic issues of the face and neck, breast, abdomen, arms, and legs commonly facing patients after bariatric surgery.

The book guides readers through this procedure with easy-to-follow instructions and more than full-color step-by-step illustrations. For the already proficient surgeon, on the other hand, the latest breakthroughs in the management of difficult cases, such as saddle nose, skin sleeve problems, and dorsal grafting, are clearly depicted.

Part Two reviews the “Biologic Principles” of benign and malignant breast disease. Closing chapters supply a cheek enhancement guide for the aesthetic injector and a review of the clinical applications of hyaluronic acids, which are currently the most commonly used fillers.

One major by-product of the aging baby-boom generation is a surging interest in cosmetic surgery. Throughout, the contributors are inventive and eloquent in guiding the reader to a better understanding knhiga optimal results of otoplasty will be achieved only with a more refined approach than the routine use of simplified techniques.

Assist them in the final phase of body contouring using this new book as your guide. Nathalie Bricout is one of France’s leading figures in this area of surgery. Sunlight and gravity cause facial aging. Aesthetic Surgery of the Breast. Physicians will benefit not only from those chapters devoted to their particular sub-specialty, but from the inspiring success resulting from the use of botulinum toxin in other patient populations.


Cosmetic, oncology, and reconstructive procedures are being performed by primary care physicians and a variety of specialists in different disciplines such as dermatology, plastic surgery, ophthalmology, and otolaryngology. These new applications significantly expand the scope of botulinum toxin treatments for medical disorders that have traditionally included the treatment of strabismus as well as a number of disorders of spasticity.

Every surgeon who carries out rhinoplasty procedures will learn a great deal from this book. This book is a unique definitive and comprehensive text for nurses providing a practical, highly illustrated guide to plastic surgical care.

Covering head, neck, trunk, extremities, and cosmetic concerns, this sourcebook uses numerous visual clinical scenarios to illustrate essential plastic and reconstructive surgical principles. It will therefore be of considerable interest to all physicians who use or are interested in using lasers in their practice from dermatologists and plastic surgeons to ophthalmologists, cardiologists, gynecologists, otolaryngologists, neurologists and others.

Kroll’s approach to reconstructive breast surgery equally encompasses art and science and both are fully represented in this volume.

Hirurgija, opšte

Individual chapters are devoted to the various skin and hair conditions where light-based systems are currently used. The book is divided into four parts, the first two of which offer an introduction to aesthetic medicine and discuss preoperative assessment and treatment. Clearly organized by anatomy, this resource discusses the specific analysis, diagnosis, and treatment for each part of the body, including the upper face, midface, lower face, hands, torso, and lower extremities.

It offers the balanced perspective of the oculo-plastic and oculo-facial surgeons who pioneered the use of Botox, and will be a valuable reference for all practitioners. This book is unique in covering all aspects of body contouring, including breast augmentation, mastopexy, breast reduction, liposuction, abdominoplasty, brachioplasty, thighplasty, and body contouring procedures following bariatric surgery. While recognizing that these beauty activities are potentially a form of resistance, Miller also considers the commodification of beauty, exploring how new ideals and technologies are tying consumers even more firmly to an ever-expanding beauty industry.


It is divided into sections that include anatomy, preoperative consultation, the varieties of implants with pocket positioning, the varieties of surgical procedures and approaches, complications, mammography and medical legal aspects.

Atlas of Women’s Dermatology: More than half a million women undergo therapeutic or cosmetic breast surgery each year. Flaps and Reconstructive Surgery, by Drs. This comprehensive text will enable the practicing physician to formulate a preoperative strategy to not only prevent complications before they occur but also to properly diagnose and manage complications when they arise, allowing the physician to provide optimal care to the patient.

Estetska i plastična hirurgija – Medicinske knjige

This comprehensive reference covers the principles and techniques used in performing breast elastography, an innovative imaging hirrugija that can dramatically reduce the need for biopsies.

The difference in the shapes of facial structures and their relationship to one another determines the unique and distinct appearance of each individual. Female genital plastic surgery has become an increasingly sought-after option for women seeking improvement in genital appearance, relief from discomfort, and increased sexual pleasure.

Maintaining its focus on modern surgical concepts and techniques, the book now also includes state-of-the-art contributions from a team of leading international specialists. Master Techniques in General Surgery: Understanding Cosmetic Laser Surgery spells out the technology of the laser and its suitability for many cosmetic surgeries. Principles of Nasal Reconstruction.