COMPETITIVIDAD DE LA HIGUERILLA (Ricinus communis) PARA BIOCOMBUSTIBLE EN RELACIÓN A LOS CULTIVOS ACTUALES EN EL EDO. DE OAXACA. Cálculo del balance de energía para higuerilla (Ricinus communis L.) desde las etapas de producción de campo hasta el valor energético de. and cultivated castor bean plants (Ricinus communis L.) La higuerilla (Ricinus communis L.) es una planta oleaginosa cuyas principales.

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Rural farming provides food, fiber and raw matter for sustaining human beings. An unrelated plant species, Fatsia japonica false castor oil plantis similar in appearance but is from Japan.

University of Maryland Medical School.

Ricinus communis

The castor oil plant is one of the few major crops to have an origin in Africa. These variables were significantly different between population densities, which shows that the higher the plant height, lower productivity.

Therefore, the objective of this study was to evaluate the castor bean response to different levels of soil water tension. Energy flow in castor bean Ricinus communis L.

Ricinus communis L., | “higuerilla”, “castor bean”, “ca… | Flickr

To monitor the soil water tension in the substrate, a tensiometer with mechanic vacuum gauge was installed in each pot at 0. Agunwa Extraction and characterization of castor seed oil from wild Ricinus communis linnInternational Journal communs Science, Environment and technology Extraction and characterization of castor seed oil from wild Ricinus communis linn.

Kerstin So viel brauch der mensch: The water tension in the substrate also influenced the castor bean plant stem diameter SD growth curve Figure 1C. Table 1 shows that enthalpy from vegetable oils is relatively small when compared to other technical energy sources, therefore, it is more useful to utilize the vegetative oil without any processing, i.

The use of castor bean oil eranda in India has been documented since BC in lamps and in local medicine as a laxative, purgativeand cathartic in UnaniAyurvedicsiddha and other ethnomedical systems. The objective is communnis generate chemical energy contained inside the plants biological mass, although, inputs coming from physical and chemical energy are larger that the energy required for the non-biological processes.

Although saponification is usually related to the average molecular weight of oil, this is a difficult ckmmunis accurately when defining oil. The evapotranspiration values were calculated every fortnight based on the water balance higueerilla Reichardt and Timm, Plant oil renewable resources as green alternatives in polymer science. Forest Ecology and Management. The castor bean plants cv. Castor bean is a species sensitive to drought whose values, vegetative growth higufrilla, and flowering are altered by lack of water.


It is the sole species in the commknis genusRicinusand subtribeRicininae. Throughout the analysis of energy flows, it can be established the energy flows, the identification of individual and entire energy demand and determinate the whole energy performance, which is revealed by means of the net gain and also by the ratio of energy made available over the invested energy.

Within several days there is severe dehydration, a drop in blood pressure and a decrease in urine. Cleopatra is reputed to have used it to brighten the whites of her eyes.

Oil from castor oil plant. Manual de Aceites y Grasas Comestibles. The planting distance of 2. Archived from the original on 4 May However, the greater the evaporative demand of the atmosphere, the higher the need for water flow in the Soil-Plant-Atmosphere system will be Santos and Carlesso, The time of initial flowering and the height of insertion of the first cluster were also determined.

On average, the dry matter figure for one year old entire castor oil plant is 0. The variables were phenological development, plant height, seed production and oil yield, in order to determine the best material for commercial purposes.

Ricinus communis – Wikipedia

All materials reported high yields of oil seeds and highlighting the commercial genotype Nordestina BRS, 2. Also, biomass of whole castor oil plant except seeds generates twice energy than oil from seeds, so whole crop harvesting has to be promoted. Perinatal and Women’s Health.

This aided to select a more feasible and efficient energy source for a particular process in the productive stage. Influence of moisture, thermal and photoperiodic regimes on the productivity of castor beans Ricinus communis L. Plant height was measured from the substrate surface to the youngest leaf point of insertion, and also the stem diameter using a communiz ruler at 0. T1, water tension maintained at 0. Through an analysis of variance shows no significant differences between the results obtained for the subplots A and B of any of the four materials, therefore studied planting riciuns are not a factor influencing the quality of oil.


The average production of castor in the last three seasons was 61 t IBGE, The oil quality parameters were assessed using free fatty acid value, iodine, acidity index, saponification, refraction and specific gravity, found that planting distance does commmunis affect the quality of oil.

First perceived inconveniences for developing plants small enough become big advantages in a shaped structure where energy is discrecentally produced. Higuerikla Biodiesel production from Ricinus communis oil and its blends with higurilla biodieselJournal of Mechanical Engineering Furthermore, it is very important to undertake a diagnosis about the features and performances from those biofuels; expressly referring to the way they are to be used, starting by making a precise calculation of energy balance from all those factors that intervene in order to identify which contribute for the highest efficiency Saribiyik et al, Ricinus communisthe castor bean [1] or castor oil plant[2] is a species of perennial flowering plant in the spurge family, Euphorbiaceae.

Al Guarany submitted to three levels of soil water tension. The results presented in Tab.

With the biodiesel production incentive grant program in Brazil, castor bean Ricinus communis crop has gained greater importance in the agricultural scenario. Lago Castor and jatropha oils: In some varieties they start off dark reddish purple or bronze when young, gradually changing to a dark green, sometimes with a reddish tinge, as they mature. Brazil is the third largest producer of castor bean Ricinus communis, behind China and India; however, considering the present government program on biofuels, the country may, in the coming years, regain the first position held in ‘s.

Method Calculating energy balance considers all the energy sources provided for crop production, such as electricity, fuels, energy consumed by the manufacturing processes or other inputs, chemicals – fertilizers and pesticides as well as the labor employed in the production and transformation processes involved, which is compared with energy obtained from fruit, biomass or an end transformed product.