A High Elven Warband must include a minimum of 3 models, and can have a maximum of 12 models including 5 Heros and 1 leader. A starting warband must . The danger of Norse pirates or Dark Elf warships is an ever present danger and the ships need to be able to defend themselves. A High Elf Warband must include a minimum of 3 models. Back to Tommy Punk’s Mordheim Articles. What is the most accepted list for the high elves? They also are expensive compared to most other warbands and start out with 1 less hero.

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Shadow Weaver start with 12 experience. A Shadow Master starts with 20 experience. Use the following chart for finding new recruits: The best of these warriors will one day achieve the rank mordhekm Shadow Master.

The Minstrel may be equipped with weapons and armour from the High Elf Equipment list.

Players control rival gangs of bounty hunters who fight each other to win territory, treasure and power.

From across the mordeim bands of young would-be heroes volunteered to pledge their blades to the Kings edict, and the Loremasters dispatched many apprentices to accompany them in their journey and lead them to the fell substance.

Elves have eyesight unmatched by mere humans.


Player created and future supplemental Personnae and Hired Swords will have to be adjudicated on a case by case basis as appropriate to their background.

Log in or sign up in seconds. Has anyone on this forum played Wyrdwars? Chracian Hand to Hand weapons Chracians Only. Your warband may include up to 1 Shadow Weaver.

Doubles Initiative value for spotting Hidden models. A warrior that steps up to become the Leader upon the death of the existing one gains the ‘Leader’ special ,ordheim and inherits the bands Wyrd-breaker, but otherwise stays the same.


Make sure to start with the max number of heroes so you can mofdheim the best rolls on the exploration chart and get more loot and more Wyrdstone aka more gold. Type Number Cost Ranger 55 Mordhsim Rangers represent the consumate balanced warrior, equally skilled at hand to hand and ranged attack.

Shadow Warriors are your best bet, though. Any reason why Shannar? The fair elven folk learn how to fight from childhood, and thanks to their extremely long lifespans they often grow in skill to become unrivaled in their prowess by other e,f.

Despite their individual ability, their numbers are few compared to their co-inhabitants of the Old World and they are always in search of some edge with which to gain an advantage over their foes.

The Ranger Lord is an experienced Elven warrior of great skill and acumen. The LoremastersThe Heralds. The exception is Dwarves, who might work with the Elves but if they do always charge double their normal fee as they still bear a grudge against the Elves from the War of the Beard. Mordheim, City of the Damned, is a ruined city – a place of nightmare and magic, where only the fittest survive. Shadow Weavers are the mages of Nagarythe.

Ulthuan • View topic – Wyrdwars High Elf warband

He is relatively inexperienced but has been trained in all the basics necessary and will mordhiem progress if he survives. I just have a bunch of elves and wondered if I could throw a warband together.

The Youngblood may be equipped with weapons and armour from the High Elf Equipment list.

In wyrdwars you can just paper over them with your hero choices. The forces critical weakness is mordyeim it cant survive too catastrophic of a loss; if several key Heros die the band is finished as it will never save enough money to buy them all back even slf that the replacements can be found.


Please try to remember that, no matter how ‘official’ the source seems, rumours are basically just a dictionary combined with a random number generator For Nagarythe: Your warband may include any number of Shadow Warrior Novices. All High Elves have some aptitude for magic, but those with the greatest aptitude are taught how to bend the Winds of Magic to their will.

Want to add to the discussion? Thu Jul 23, 2: Choice of Warriors A High Elven Warband must include a minimum of 3 mkrdheim, and can have a maximum of 12 models including 5 Heros and 1 leader.

Mordheim – Officially Unofficial Rules: Shadow Warriors – the High Elves in Mordheim

Each watband the young mages was given one and sent forth to rid the world of the taint of wyrdstone. Shadow Warrior Warband List.

Note that Heroes looking for new recruits cannot do anything else in the campaign mordhim, such as look for rare goods or dramatis personnae. Trained from childhood and practically immortal, Elven warriors become quite skilled in all aspects of warfare, but are particularly renowned for the accuracy of their archers.

I nerfed them by basically making them h2h focused, giving them no starting heroes that could take shooting feats. Although these are warships they are often used as merchantships wabrand well.