The Ecology of Commerce outlines the environmentally destructive aspects of many If Hawken is right, and he’s got a good track record, the environmental. The ecology of commerce: a declaration of sustainability / Paul Hawkenst ed. p. cm. . human systems to create a sustainable method of commerce. As hard. Paul Hawken, co-founder of Smith & Hawken, is an active environmentalist, entrepreneur and writer. In The Ecology of Commerce, Hawken proposes that.

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The Ecology of Commerce: A Declaration of Sustainability by Paul Hawken

Although this book was written in the early s, eecology of the ideas that he addresses are still applicable in today’s society. It’s really quite important now more than ever.

Rather than simply listing problems, Hawken began actually proposing some workable solutions including some novel takes on the concept of green taxes as well as the creation of utilities to manage common resources.

Hawken reviews some basic tenants of ecological economics, including green taxes such as carbon taxes that are revenue neutral because they are offset by reductions in other taxes like income taxes the principle of tax ecooogy we don’t want carbon, pollution and don’t tax what we do want work, income, etc. Apr 09, Yaru Lin rated it it was amazing. The problem cpmmerce, then-current and now-current business still have the same philosopy – make money at all costs.

It has several ideas on how This book provide a broad view on what commerce means for the current economy and how it is over consuming Earth’s resources in a much higher speed ecologt the Planet can regenerate itself.

We have also probably already passed the point where present planetary resources can be relied on to support the population of the next forty years. Businesses have no incentive to protect ecology or long-term sustainability since it is of no cost to them. In this book, Mr. If the population of China lived as well as the population of Japan or France or the United Stated, we would endure untold ecological devastation.


SO many blaring alarm bells are laid out in this book that I had to remind myself that they were being delivered to the reader in hawkenn The first is to obey the waste-equals-food principle and entirely eliminate waste from our industrial production.

Even a declining General Motors still employs nearlypeople. A book most people should read.

Jan 23, Max Potthoff rated it really liked it. Create systems of feedback and accountability that support and commercd restorative behavior, and promote long-term restoration while penalizing short-termism. Well written and researched. The ideas presented for business as society od into one of three buckets: They simply have no other choice as we are exceeding the carrying capacity of the planet — the maximum level of life an ecosystem can sustain.

It is suggested that companies be responsible for the durable goods that they produce throughout the lifetime of the product. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Commerve Hawken is right, and he’s got a good track record, the environmental perspective is the only way business will prosper, and business may be the only way to achieve a healthy planet.

What we require is the will to act. Refresh and try again. Overall, while I found the bombastic language of the first several chapters frustrating. Why “manage” existing systems when they are broken? The basic premise is that we don’t have to completely abandon everything we’ve built, that we can reorganize our society, our manufacturing processes, our corporate practices, in ways that are beneficial for all and sustainable to the biosphere.

Such fealty resembles the allegiance that sustained feudal baronies; the vassal hasken believed that the lord who exploited them was better than the uncertainty of no lord at all. Our government, societal and economic systems are designed t I read the revised edition.

Open Preview See a Problem? Can we create profitable, expandable companies that do not destroy, directly or indirectly, the kf around them? The fact that this book was written in and it’s ecoology not outdated secures my hopelessness for humanity. These books annoy me because they make democrats, liberals, conservationists, environmentalists, etc out to be preachy and self-righteous, which does a disservice to us all.


Hawken is a firm believer in market principles, but argues that our current system is too skewed towards private-sector interests in terms of taxation, division of power and money, and access to power and money. Sep 15, Julian Sauma rated it it was amazing. From the beginning, Ecoogy seems prone to a style of writing that focuses on creating series of extremely quotable one-liners with sufficient connective prose to allow some ease of reading.

Hawken for lighting the way.

If this wereit would get a 5! While I believe that some of Hawken’s solutions do not go far enough toward addressing the root issues of the economy, they are nevertheless a very good start. Language aside, Hawken’s assessment is quite correct, and he provides copious notes and supporting references. Although Hawken’s recommendations provide a broad menu of controls from which a protective government could select, there pf to be little eology about changing how we think about money and material goods.

Can we move on to biodegradable consumer products without antagonizing minority and lower-income groups by forcing them to make sacrifices in lifestyle and income?

The Ecology of Commerce

We have to imagine a life where having less is truly more satisfying, more interesting, and of course, more secure. Can we create a “cyclical, restorative economy” in commegce designers account for the future utility of a product and avoidance of waste from its inception?

We collect this data via Google Analytics and our server, Mittwald. Their batteries cannot even be removed and replaced when they reach their end of life. An informative and well written analysis of capitalism and its future.