Hans Monderman, father of the Shared Space movement, argued that reducing traffic regulations can improve road safety. Statistics prove him right, but not. proach to traffic engineering. Shared space schemes started in the Nether- Emma Clarke talks to Hans Monderman and to Ben Hamilton Baillie, an urban. Under the label of ‘shared space’, a radically different approach to street design, traffic flow and road .. with the street. The late Hans Monderman’s last scheme.

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Road signs, speed bumps, traffic lights and zebra crossings all diminish that responsibility, shifting the emphasis of a space to the technical and the legal. In Savannah, Georgiathe Oglethorpe Plan has been adapted to accommodate pedestrian and vehicular traffic throughout a network of wards, each with a central square. Historically, streets within Western city centres were naturally shared spaces.

This last principle originates from behavioural theory that suggests people adjust their behaviour in response to the perceived level of risk: This article has an unclear citation style. The goal of shared space is to improve the road safety and vibrancy of roads and junctions, particularly ones with high levels of pedestrian traffic, by encouraging negotiation of priority in shared areas between different road users.

From an early age he was renowned for his practical skills and love of technology, but it was the seemingly limitless breadth of his knowledge and enthusiasms that surprised his contemporaries. The master plan for the redevelopment of the historic Sneek city centre involved the addition of a high-quality shopping and recreational area at the Prins Hendrikkade and Vismarkt junction.

This is done by removing features such as kerbsroad surface markingstraffic signsand traffic lights. Accident figures at one junction where traffic lights were removed have dropped from thirty-six in the four years prior to the introduction of the scheme to two in the two years following it.

Space for People, Not for Cars

At Princess Royal Square formerly Pier Square in Weston-super-Marethe conventional road system has been replaced by a seafront open hahs. This page was last edited on 23 Octoberat Several of Auckland ‘s streets have been turned into shared spaces. You seem to enjoy a good story Sign up to our infrequent mailing to get shares stories directly to your mailbox.

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However here pedestrians have right of way. In the scheme, the redevelopment of a multi-lane signalised crossroads, with a traffic flow of 26, vehicles per day, which was completed in Marchtraffic lanes, signals, road markings, road signs and street clutter were all removed. Viveka van de Vliet is a freelance journalist.

Retrieved 1 October By continuing to use this website, you agree to their soace. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Only three of the original fifteen sets of traffic lights remain. Journal of Urban Design 18 1[1] H With the impact of traffic on communities and public life now a major concern, Monderman pioneered an approach that respected the driver’s common sense and intelligence instead of reliance on signs, road markings, traffic signals and physical barriers.

Views Read Edit View history. Hwns from ” https: It is, at first glance, perhaps a curious sight: Particular interest centred on his redesign of a series of complex intersections in the town of Drachten, as well as the remodelling of the high street at Haren, a suburb of Groningen.

As a result, the Swiss concept of Begegnungszone has become popular. Instead, they dismount and wait for priority to be clearly given, then walk or ride across the intersection. Monderman demonstrated that vehicles could be integrated into the social fabric of communities by treating drivers as intelligent citizens.

Retrieved May 14, In West Palm Beach, Floridaremoval of traffic signals and road markings brought pedestrians into much closer contact with cars. These are all replaced with road surfaces that do not clearly distinguish between vehicle and pedestrian space, ambiguity mondderman defining traffic rules, and a street environment that fosters eye contact and human interaction.

De Kaden, a central crossroad junction in a shopping centre of Drachten, features no traffic signals and no traffic being given the right of way.

Shared space – Wikipedia

We think that naked street principles, whose essential agenda is to balance traffic movement with social uses of public space [6]is an exciting proposal for Drummond Street. Ultimately his concept became known as Shared Space, and it elevated Monderman to national and international prominence. Monderman went on to develop the ideas in more than towns and villages, using landscape, lighting, public art and local materials to redefine the language of urban streets and spaces.


The flow of traffic has greatly improved. Views Read Edit View history.

Hans Monderman – Wikipedia

Users nonetheless felt that the area had become less safe; this tension stems from their unfamiliarity with the concept, and is a commonly cited phenomenon in its application. Statistics prove him right, but not everybody is convinced. This case study demonstrates how shared street models, such as living and naked streets, provide an outcome that can be sharde to both pedestrians and vehicles.

By the turn of the century, organisations in Britain such as the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment Cabe and the Prince’s Foundation for mondeerman Built Environment, and the Congress for New Urbanism in the US, were reflecting an increasing recognition of the social and economic value of streetscapes.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see mpnderman Wikimedia Commons has media related to Shared space. Traffic volumes were expected to reduce.

Hans Monderman

Retrieved from ” https: In New Zealand, concerns about such limitations of the shared space concept have led, in cooperation with disability organisations, to the introduction of vehicle- and obstruction-free corridors “accessible zones” along the building lines i. Hans Monderman, father of the Shared Space movement, argued that reducing traffic regulations can improve road safety. However, Auckland’s first shared space is Wairepo Swamp Walk, [35] completed mid Retrieved 3 February A Transnational Transdisciplinary Journal.