Datums , Priekšmets Ķīmija, Aprēķinu uzdevumi vidusskolai, Tēma Šķīdumu pagatavošana. Datums , Priekšmets Ķīmija, Aprēķinu. Senega~nik, J. Geografija Evrope v {olskih textbooksh evropskih dr`av. . Jankevics, J., Melbārde, Z. Pasaules Ģeogrāfija Vidusskolai. Rīga. Zinātniskā konference: Ģeogrāfija. Ķīmijas mācību programmas un tematiskie plāni vidusskolai. Rudzītis G., Gorskis M. Vispārīgā ķīmija vidusskolai.

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Branch specific theoretical and professional specialisation courses in each study course cover 32 credit points. To ensure high quality implementation of part of study programmes allocated to the chair and to recruite the personnel necessary to achieve that.

Annual international conference EcoBalt is organised gfografija by both faculties.

Jaunumi sadaļā “Virtuālā skola”

Order No study achievements are evaluated in the generally accepted 10 points system. The rest of projects mentioned in the Annex 4. Arajs Raimonds i dr. Personas who have attained secondary education by the year not inclusiveas well as persons who have attained secondary education abroad, or persons with special needs can participate in the common competition for rights to register for studies in certain study programmes based on successful not lower than 4 average annual marks in the education documents:.

Jaunumi sadaļā “Virtuālā skola”

Idrisi Andes; ArcView 9. Agreement includes issues of study fees, development of transitional courses from the study programme, as well as procedure for dispute and uncertainties resolution. Takes care for maintenance and development of laboratory infrastructure.

Chemical Experiments in School II. New books in the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics are purchased following the joint decision of the Physics studies Council and Physics Department Board.


Study programme has wide development opportunities:. The UL developed pedagogy module for training of teachers included in the programme is main action taken into this direction.

Majority of publications are published in the leading international magazines. Elective course biology, environmental science, earth science, physics for natural sciences or gekgrafija mathematics. In such case three-sided contract is signed between the UL, place of practical work and student, regulating all obligations and liabilities of parties. Cooperation with schools is planned to be exercised in several directions:.

Drage Gvido Dragicevich Peter a. Opportunities of the study programme to apprehend branch specific terminology in at least one foreign language.

Introduction into geografina teachers study programme. BF Plant Cells Laboratory. To be responsible for observance of fire security and safety at work requirements in the room History of chemistry nature sciences. Zubareva Natal’ja Zuicena I. At the moment German High schools are about to finish transfer from 8 semesters study programmes to Bachelor and Master study programmes.

Total number of square meters. The student is entitled to offer also alternative place of practical work. Authors of the programme trust that shortage of the teachers is based also on the age of actually working teachers. Controls student activities in accordance with internal regulations and work descriptions. Cooperation agreements for provision of practical work places for students Implementation of such programme is based on public demand, but in this case competency in multiple areas is valued higher than fundamental knowledge in one particular area.

Mandatory social security payments of the employer. Evaluation of learning achievements in school chemistry. Non-organic Chemistry Chair of the Chemistry Faculty. Advertisement and informative editions on study options in the programme Physics for chemistry teachers.

For example johndoe domain. This is exactly what UEL does, where a one year full time studies programme is started, after graduation from which students would attain rights of IT teacher.


Requirements for enrolment to the study programme. After graduation from the programme students will obtain a degree of professional Bachelor in natural sciences and information technology with a qualification of teacher in two subjects, which will allow working in such speciality in primary and secondary education institutions.

Academic personnel recruitment, rejuvenation, training and development policy To ensure preparation of study programme materials, study books and other study materials, like, e-courses. Therefore, 24 weeks are spent in practical work in 2 different partner schools, but 12 weeks are allocated to professional development of students.

The mark in the secondary education must be positive not below 4 in mathematics algebra, geometry and 1 in physics, biology, chemistry, or 2 nature sciences. In first planned purchase was done — copies of the latest, sixth edition of the book D.

Students can actively use internet search options in the study process. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Analytical Chemistry Chair of the Chemistry Faculty. Non-organic and organic chemistry for chemistry teachers. Professional specification courses in the subject, CP. Development of study programme is possible only in close cooperation with development of study programmes of teachers of associated subjects.

Laboratory assistant of Cartography and Remote Survey Laboratory. Newsletter Please enter a valid email address. Botton Alain de Bourgery J.