New Gens Ace iMars Slim Battery Charger Review (9 min 18 sec) . I have the Gens Ace iMars Charger Manual in PDF file form. The file size is. The Gens Ace iMars II portable charger is a thing of beauty. It is designed to charge and discharge NiMH, NiCd, LiPo, LiFe, and Pb batteries in the most efficient. We at Gens ace have experience and R&D resources to realize any of our clients’ demands concerning OEM/ODM services. Gens ace is an innovative and.

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Ningbo Kelma Electrical Co. The Charger has a built in intelligent charge mode with features such as CC, CV, delta peak detect, restore, cycle, etc.

If it had a straight up row of pins for the balance instead of a connector it would be the perfect pocket charger. Jun 05, Originally Posted by Speeddaddy It has pins, you don’t have acce carry a balance board.

Charging celphone manually Manual operating for 3 to The file size is 4, bytes. Convenient to use,easy using ,8KW power ae factory Mar 04, The design is based on Gens ACE’s world championship winning battery technology. Link us on Instagram.


We have various types Well-trained and experienced staffs are able to answer all your enquires in fluent English. We finally got our latest Gens Ace iMars Charger back in stock!

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Shenzhen Yingyuan Electronics Co. It also has the ability to detect internal resistance of a battery and review charging or discharging data.

Originally Posted by TheWoodCrafter. The iMars charger has a sleek and modern design which is perfect to store anywhere!

Might as well stick to my accucell6. Transparent tube with transparent glue. I use a Paraboard with it so I can charge up to 4 small lipos at once. PM me if you require a copy.

Gens Ace iMars II Portable Charger for NiMH, NiCd, LiPo, LiFe, and Pb batteries (White)

The iMars is touchscreen and is user friendly. It is a very portable and sleek looking charger. Automatic should be used where batteries are left on charger for long periods particularly. Wenzhou Hongda Electrical Equip Co.

RC lipo battery charger – Gens Ace

Feb 13, Have yet to use with a power supply, so it may work great with adequate PS. Fully adjustable charge capacity limit, per call end voltage and low voltage cutoff settings for all chemistries to maximize safety, charge and discharge performance.


Shenzhen Gaoyi Electronic Co. Jun 29, Otherwise, there will be a No harm to human body. The iMars is equipped with an integrated balancer and an XH type balancing harness for 2 cell up to 6 cell batteries. A glycol mixture can be used to allow use through all seasons without freezing problems.

The charger has 12 user memory profiles so that different settings for different battery packs can be stored for convenient fast charging.

Sign up now to remove ads between posts. I have 3 different 12v AC adapters.

You must not use our charger to charge other products. Remember Me Forgot Password? It has pins, you don’t have to carry a balance board.

Easy to use Car Tire Inflation Pump 2.