Products 1 – 13 of 13 Gary Plants on the Zarrow Shuffle DVD | Gary Plants | SEO MAGIC Hofzinser Transparent Card by Gary Plants · Gary Plants, $, Buy. Gary Plants on the Zarrow Shuffle. A Handling of Herb Zarrow’s Full-deck False Shuffle that fools the experts – and everyone else. Written by Stephen Minch. Title, Gary Plants on the Zarrow Shuffle. Author, Stephen Minch. Illustrated by, Tom Gagnon. Publisher, Card Plant, Length, 27 pages. Export Citation.

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Most cardmen that I have seen using the Zarrow Shuffle exposed the condition of the deck on the square up and yet most, if not all, seemed to think a perfect illusion was being created. If you want a deceitful table riffle shuffle and don’t have one, you should get this.

His booklet on the Zarrow Shuffle is in my estimation essential reading and I can only imagine that this DVD set zrarow be superb. Chris Aguilar Loyal user Posts.

Some thoughts on card magic (review: gary plants on the zarrow shuffle)

I’ve also had the pleasure of seeing him do the Zarrow live and in person. Thanks for that information on the DVD, Jason. Thank you Jason for the heads up!! As he fhe in the booklet, the key is to make your false shuffle look like your real shuffle.

He is probably best know for his handmade gaffed cards plats he began making handmade in Retrieved from ” https: The Zarrow shuffle has a complicated history; a brief description first appeared in The New Phoenix No.


This must not plante Kansas anymore, Toto. There are a few names in magic that has been consistently associated with an excellent quality of material, and depth of thinking. Interaction Help Create an article View as mindmap. A very worth while resource on the Zarrow.

Gary Plants on the Zarrow Shuffle

Jason England teaches this very well. Without tipping the details, these tells should be shhuffle to any seasoned student of shuffe shuffle. I received this from Gary and really have to agree with the accolades. Jul 16, Jason Eternal damnation awaits anyone who questions God’s unconditional love. The technique delivers on the premise of the booklet.

Magic History ConferenceT. The shuffle is invaluable for anyone who requires to control half to the full deck with a table shuffle.

Based on the last update I’m aware of, its release should be imminent. At the moment it’s available only from Gary at: Views Read View source View history.

Gary Plants’ reputation is well deserved and I envy those who can buy it! What a gold mine. The shuffle itself appears fair and innocent. It is important to note these are NOT inherent to the shuffle but rather artifacts from bad technique or insufficient practice. If you’re interested in this type of work, I’d call this an easy “must have” product.

Herb Zarrow and Gary Plants. The instruction on the video is some of the clearest and most detailed I’ve seen anywhere, making it an invaluable companion to Gary’s fantastic booklet. Jul 17, I like to see described moves actually being performed.


If you know of a plantz magician not listed in MagicPedia, start a New Biography for them or Email us your suggestion. It does require more cover than the original handling, but not so much that it becomes unnatural. The technique itself is very good.

Jun 25, I was so energized by Gary’s handling that I immediately offered my services to illustrate it at no chargeif he would make it available to the magic community. It would be impossible to include all the information from the book on a DVD. This information is essential for the serious student of card magic. The tells are all addressed and eliminated in a logical manner, and the technique allows for just enough cover to be visually deceptive for a move with a massive visual discrepancy.

While described separately, they are meant to convey one continuous smooth action. They tell stories about me. Plants has made cards for professional magicians all over the world under his magic business “The Card Plant”. Threecard New user Sunny Arizona 69 Posts. Original tricks have been published in many books and magazines such as ” Linking Ring “, ” Genii “, ” Precursor “, ” Apocalypse “, ” Imagick “, and ” Trapdoor.

I agree with Tom Gagnon and Mike Squires.

Tom G Inner circle Posts. But I didn’t see Elmsley, probably because he was behind the others.