Funeral Ikos. John Tavener. K. Funeral Ikos Tracklist. 1 Ikon of Light / Funeral Ikos / Carol: The Lamb. Show all albums by John Tavener. Info on the recording by Peter Phillips and The Tallis Scholars of music by Sir John Tavener. Find composition details, parts / movement information and albums that contain performances of Funeral Ikos, for chorus on AllMusic.

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For your sakes have I made moan ; perchance it may profit one of you. Let us all, also, enter into Christ, that all we may cry aloud thus unto God: If for a brief space we call to mind, yet ufneral forget we Death, as we had not ourselves to die. An ikosaccording to this site”is a short composition that follows the Kontakion, between the Sixth and Seventh Odes of the Canon.

Funeral Ikos

Shall we see our brethren there? Accompany ye the dead, 0 friends, and come ye to the grave with heed, and there gaze ye steadfastly, with understanding; and make ready your feet. Sexy Trippy All Moods. AllMusic Featured Composition Noteworthy.

Funeral Ikos (Tavener) – from CDGIM – Hyperion Records – MP3 and Lossless downloads

This mystery have I desired to learn, but none can impart aright. For in Hell there is no-repentance, nor further remission there. Do they call to mind their own people, as we do them? The melody is chantlike, ending with a many-voiced chordal statement. For like the grass doth beauty fade, and man is but allured therewith.


Wherefore, again and 0ft we say: Awesome is it to behold my guides; most terrible he who hath called me. Fare ye well, 0 my friends, my children.

chantblog: Funeral Ikos

Where, then, around about thee wilt thou gaze, O man? If journeying from funeal home-land we stand in need of guides, what shall we do when forth we fare to a land to us still all unknown?

AllMusic relies heavily on JavaScript. Following his ikoz to the Orthodox Church fneral music became inspired by its liturgical and mystical texts. Tavener’s quest for eternal value led him to convert to Russian Orthodoxy inand much of his music since then has reflected its musical and rituals and those of the Byzantine Church from which it sprang.

Lo l thou hast abandoned us who love thee. Toilsome the way in which I must go hence, the which, in truth, I never yet have trod; and unknown is that land, and thereof knoweth no one anywhere. There is the worm that sleepeth not; there is the land, all dark and gloomy, where I must be judged. Shall we see each other there?

But whither now go the souls? For it to a great ordeal is constrained, and in fear doth oft petition make to God: Be silent, that the soul may issue forth in peace. Streams Videos All Posts.

There shall none of these things aid us, but only to say oft the psalm: Please use the dropdown buttons to set your preferred options, or use the checkbox to accept the defaults. Unless thou hast led an upright life, and hast done good to the needy, singing: Yet one hour, and all things shall pass away.


Or have they already forgotten those tuneral mourn them and make the song: O mother, save me!

Tavener is a British convert from Presbyterianism to Eastern Orthodoxy, and writes music for the liturgy; he’s a complete genius, I think. I am parted from my brethren. I am banished, brethren. The text consists of the Greek Church’s funeral sentences, translated into English by Isabel Hapgood.

Hyperion Records

Fare ye well, 0 my comrades ; for I go forth upon my way. We go forth on the path eternal, and as condemned, with downcast faces, ufneral ourselves before the only God. I entreat, I beseech, I implore, that ye learn by heart this thing, and mourn for me night and day. Sit ye again and say: Music of John Tavener. Share on facebook twitter tumblr.

But make commemoration of me with the song: If thou hast shown mercy unto man, o man, that same mercy shall be shown thee there; and if on an orphan thou hast shown compassion, that same shall there deliver thee from want. Funerap who then shall succour thee?

But whither now- go the souls? Fare ye well, 0 brethren! The John Tavener Collection.