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Discussion in ‘ General Electronics Chat ‘ started ft18n06 hazimMar 11, Mar 11, 1. Jan 3, The inverter has an overload protection and overheat and short-circuit protections. I use it with a 12V Ah battery. A 20A charger charges the battery when there is electricity.

【FTP18N06 IPS】Electronic Components In Stock Suppliers in 【Price】【цена】【Datasheet PDF】USA

Everything was working fine till few days ago when something happened when I was outside home but the inverter was ON as always, the inverter failed to start. Usually, I compare most important parameters to choose I good replacement, but this time while I’m using “vrt-dvd ” and looking to transistor FTP18N06 which is used in the inverter and was bad, that software says IRF is a good replacement so I used it in place of FTP18N Today the inverter stopped to work.

I found that 2 from 4 IRF transistors are damaged. Off-course this means that the IRF is not a good replacement. One thing I’m not sure about is about the switching speed. I found one of them shorted this time and replaced it. No after I replaced the bad components, the inverter is failing to start.

The big high voltage capacitor has no voltage across, the rectifying diodes are ok.


Any help or idea is greatly appreciated. Mar 12, 2. Jul 17, 22, 1, You also need to look at the total gate charge, ftp18n006 specified as Qg.


Unless you have upgraded the gate driver s to handle 4x as much gate charge, your MOSFETs will be turning on and off much more slowly than the originals, and will be dissipating far more power as heat.

Vdss, Rds onId and Qg are all related. Any increase in Vdss, Id or decrease in Rds on will result in an increase of Qg; and increasing Fyp18n06 will make your turn-on and turn-off times worse, resulting in greater power dissipation in the MOSFETs, burning datasheef up.

Of course, you also need to match the package type, so that’s five parameters you need to match as closely as possible. Here are some possible substitutes for you to try for the 12v side: I have no idea if you can obtain any of those in Lebanon.

Mar 12, 3. Thank you very much SgtWookie.

Actually it’s hard to find these parts in Lebanon, and even I’m far from Beirut where I get parts, so I try to substitute from on-hand parts I have a “good variety” I understand what you said but I had tried IRF and they didn’t heat up, maybe there is another problem but I thought the problem is with the transistors’ switching as said before.

I’ll try to fix the main problem first and see.

FTP18N06 – ETC Datasheet PDF – DataSheetBank

Mar 12, 4. I found the problem, I was wrong. There was two shorted transistors 2PN in the oscillator circuit that drives the four low voltage transistors’ gates FTP18N I replaced them with PNA regarding the pin-out incongruity by rolling up a pin. I kept on the IRF and tried the inverter on its rated power capability and it seems to be working fine.


Mar 14, 5. Back to this thread. This is the third time I repair this inverter Mar 15, 6. You might be able to use slightly lower Vdss ratings. You might be able to use one of these if you can find them: I can’t do that for you, as I have no idea what you might be able to find in your area, or be able to order. Mar 16, 7. I made a mistake. This in a small W inverter.

I usually use a software I have and sometimes use digikey to search for replacement transistors, but I give periority to transistors I have and look if any works fine as a replacement, if not I compare the parametric search results with parts available in Lebanon I look herefor parts in Lebanon. Mar 16, 8. This means turn-on and turn-off times will be slower, and more heating. Mar 16, 9. When looking for dqtasheet MOSFET replacement, in addition to current, voltage, Rds on ,power, I used to look for switching speed parameters and specifically on td on and not the total gate charge.

I learned about it from this thread so thank you, and thanks for helping.

FTP18N06 Datasheet PDF – ETC

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