Anna Tsing’s Friction is an original, highly readable, and insightful study of out of their “friction/’ to paradoxical “global understandings,” or universalisms. But in. Friction: An Ethnography of Global Connection. Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing . Global capitalism is made in the friction in these chains as divergent cultural. Anna L. Tsing Friction An Ethnography of Global Connection Ch 1: Frontiers of Capitalism Capitalist frontiers create “wilderness” These landscapes already.

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A definitive model may not be needed, but what about high expectations. This is a fascinating and useful book.

Friction: An Ethnography of Global Connection by Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing

So for instance we get Tsing writing Universals are effective within particular historical conjunctures that give them content and force. Nice description of how globalization has entered Indonesia and how has influenced their economic culture.

This book is for academics and serious enthusiasts only. Through friction, universals become practically effective. Capital, in contrast, thrives where opportunities are just emerging…. For one thing, it ignores the fact that we are unable to go to the field without theoretical baggage.

This is just one exampe. I tsingg find the system of having notes at the end of the book makes it much harder to read, but there are similar gaps in the notes, although they do provide some more ballast for both the literature review and ethnography. Tsing meets a manager sent from Singapore to speed up the loading of coal barges, which he achieves by purchasing a load of bananas that happened by and distributing it to the workers.


A young Chinese scholar much taing with world system theory rose to rebuke him for giving too much weight to local cultural differences over global economic forces.

This is true of any book, obviously, but I think it speaks to issues of how Tsing has placed herself in the literature. Tsing suggests that these ‘zones of awkward engagement’ might show the way to a more just and equitable future Rebuttal: The former takes the urges to survive and reproduce as a universal. Challenging the frictikn view that globalization The other thing that struck me about the book was how closely — perhaps even scandolously closely?

The result is a sort anthropology in quadrophonic sound hopefully without the instant obsolescene of that technology. I think that this approach is exemplified in The Invention of Culture. Chaudhuri captured me in Asia Before Europe. A little bit hard to read but worth it. Ghosts and Monsters of the Anthropocene. I think about the intersecting layers at play, work that is done within the friction, how tsin is not always under a negative cloud, and the different needs, purposes, goals of individuals and groups who occupy, or want to occupy, the same space.

Moving forward on communities surrounding by less of forest resources. Please try again later. Especially compelling for me in light of my current interests is her focus on the travel of “engaged universals”.

Friction: An Ethnography of Global Connection – Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing – Google Books

Manu Samnotra see, I am willing to admit it. Development divided the country into settled and wild zones, the latter being for resource exploitation.


Not so long before, rioters burned down the downtown shopping areas, along with churches and offices. The frontier is a traveling concept. Sep 25, anne rated it it was amazing. frction

For and Against the Anthropocene Since the turn of the 21st century, many scientists have been arguing for the designation A softer more general version might be to interrogate universal claims with specific encounters — and this is certainly what Tsing seeks to do.

Humans are limited and we should accept our limitations. However there is a risk that it may end up being old wine in new bottles. Ships from and sold by Amazon. I don’t think I have the appetite to pick it up again.

Tsing took frivtion a heavy duty subject to tackle, however, the writing is encumbered with much too many words, as if she is paraphrasing other works. Friction has a compellingly simple but important premise: She uses the Matsutake to shed light on a broader themes about how ecology is shaped by human interference.

Savage Minds

In a perfect world the same piece would do both! On the other hand if the analysis is good then the book could be very strong indeed. Even decades later, many people would remember that the New Order came to power through a wholesale massacre of Communists and many others merely suspected of being Communists.