He was the son of Richard Flavel, a minister who died of the plague in while in prison for nonconformity. In short, that person must have a very soft head, or a very hard heart, or both, that could sit under his On Keeping the Heart. On Keeping the Heart is a discourse upon Proverbs , “Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life.” Flavel intended this treatise for the. 16 quotes from Keeping the Heart: ‘Providence is like a curious piece of tapestry made of a thousand shreds, which, single, appear useless, but put toget.

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I believe some of the other versions of this book are abridged, but this was quite lengthy. To get thy heart broken for sin, while thou art confessing it; melted with free grace while thou art blessing God for it; to be really ashamed and humbled through keeoing apprehensions of Gods infinite holiness, and to keep t “Heart work is hard work indeed.

It includes earnest supplication and instant prayer for purifying and rectifying grace when sin has defiled and disordered the heart. Flavel gives us deeply powerful ammunition in our fight for holiness.

Keeping the Heart by John Flavel

That is, being aware of where our affections stay from God and how sin is seeking to gain a hold in our lives. Reasons why this should be the great business of life. Prayer and the heart are meant to be together. The comfort of our our souls I love reading the insight of those long ago. Sign in with Facebook Sign in options. Feb 11, Mike E. Because he will bring you to heaven by a nearer way than you are willing to go?

Does my heart speak like one? We judge by sense and reckon things good or evil according to our present taste. Flavel shows how at the center of everything we do, is our heart. The greatest difficulty in conversion, is to win the heart to God; and the greatest difficulty after conversion, is to keep the heart with God.

Are you resolved upon it? Take heed that you overlook not the many precious mercies which the people of God enjoy amidst all their trouble. More devotional that some of Puritan John Flavel’s other works.


As with most classic Puritan writers, Flavel does an excellent job taking his subject into hand and examining it from every angle.

He promises only what Scripture promises, and no more. By understanding the diligent and constant use of all holy means to preseve the soul from sin Definitely read this short book, but prepare for the knife.

The part of this book that was most helpful was the 3rd chapter, in which Flavel examines several of the most challenging seasons that the Christian encounters throughout his life. You must learn to wield the sword of the Spirit which is the word of God familiarly, if you would defend your heart and conquer your enemies. Flavel avoids the temptation to offer empty comfort or platitudes–his words are based on reality and Scripture, not warm, fuzzy feelings.

If you want to examine your heart and understand when and how to guard it in various situations and times of yhe then nothing else can help you as much as Flavel’s writing.

Could you but regard your duties as the medium in which you might walk in communion with God in which your soul might be kefping with those ravishing and matchless delights which his presence affords, you might have no inclination to neglect them.

HAIL & FIRE – Free Book: John Flavel: Keeping the Heart ( Edition)

Infused with Scripture and presented in a direct, straight-forward manner, Flavel zeroes in on what should be one of the key focuses of a Christian – that of keeping one’s heart with all diligence. The text is littered with references to Scripture, and it is on this rock that Flavel builds his arguments and exhortations.

He then shows how we can go on to develop a greater ability in keeping our hearts in tune with God.

Flavel was an English Puritan who became a non-conformist after the ‘Great Ejection’ of This vehemency of expression, with which the duty is urged, plainly implies how difficult it is to keep our hearts, how dangerous to let them go. This little gem is thr wonderful introduction to this English Puritan pastor’s treasuries. Above all else, guard your heart.


Duties Included in Keeping the Heart This includes in it six particulars: That the crux of tlavel Christian living is keeping the heart.

We are as able to stop the sun in its course, or to make the rivers run backward, as by our own skill and power to rule and order our hearts. I think most would be hard-pressed to identify a moment in life when they couldn’t identify with one of the issues jeeping Flavel unpacked.

Frequent observation of the frame of the heart.

Keeping the Heart Quotes

The time of outward wants 6. Duties included in keeping the heart. When sufferings for religion are laid upon us John Flavel is a very readable Puritan.

He continued to minister at Diptford for about six years, succeeding the senior minister when he died, and endearing himself greatly to the people, not only by his earnestness, but by his easy dealings with them in the matter of tithes.

The middle of the book addresses different seasons in which we need to be most attentive to keeping our hearts and although very good insights are given unless you are going through one of those seasons they do not deeply resonate, at least many of them did not with me. Not the bodily artery, but the seat of all our emotions, desires, affections, words and actions. O that I might see the time when professors shall not walk in a vain show; when they shall please themselves no more with a name to live, while they are spiritually dead; when they shall be no more a company of frothy, vain persons; but when holiness shall shine in their conversation, and awe the world, and command reverence from all that are around them; when they shall warm the heart of those who come near them, and cause it to be said, God is in these men of a truth.

The matter of the duty: It is a constant work. But deadness causes distraction, and distraction increases deadness. Quotes from Keeping the Heart.