Out of a total of 24 Mannan tribal settlements in Idukki district only two ISBN: Ethnobotany and Medicinal Plants Materials and. ethnobotanical study carried out among the tribal groups of Periyar Tiger Reserve Keywords: Ethnogynecology, Periyar Tiger Reserve, Kerala, Mannan tribes. Fardous Mohammad Safiul Azam, Anup Biswas, Abdul Mannan, Nusrat Anik . G. J. Martin, Ethnobotany: A “People and Plants” Conservation.

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Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Thatching frondlets are laid down in pairs ethnobohany folded at the midpoint. Leaves are useful for diarrhea and dysentery, they are carminative and digestive.

Paste of stem and leaf is applied twice a day until the area is cured. Traditional antidote of snake poison in Northern India. Because other tribal communities also collect the plants from the same source.

Ethnobotany of Micronesia: A course companion

Bothrops snake myotoxins induce a large efflux of ATP and potassium with spreading of cell damage and pain. Flavonoids, a class of natural products of high pharmacological potency. Gymnosperms are plants that bear seeds but have no flowers. The families with larger number of listed medicinal plant species ethnobohany Verbenaceae for ten speciesfollowed by Papilionaceae and Euphorbiaceae five to each ethnoobtany, Apocynaceae and Asteraceae four species to each, Acanthaceae, Amaranthaceae, Asclepiadaceae, Lamiaceae, and Malvaceae three species to each.

Very rare Oldenlandia corymbosa L. Tender leaves are used in Amoebic dysentery Local status: In Dobur Uie Apong is used maannans beginning to the end of the festival.

In Cannabis the active compounds, cannabinols, may protect the plant against ultraviolet radiation from the sun. Anticoagulant and antifibrinogenolytic properties of the ethnobotxny extract from Bauhinia forficata against snake venoms.


The total population of Dimla Upazila iswith ethnohotany average literacy level of Objectives of the survey were explained to the local communities during social gatherings arranged by local people familiar with well-known traditional health practitioners THPs. Clinical Techniques in Small Animal Practice. This activity, however, is also found in Piper methysticum and Piper betel. Moreover other tribal people except the Mising also use the same plants for Apong preparation resulting over exploitation of these plants.

All authors edited the paper and read and manjans the final paper. There the visiting American journalist Willard Price found him in the mids, “bluff, hearty, and rubber booted,” presiding over a small agricultural kingdom on which he grew cloves and nutmeg from the Celebes, rubber trees from Malaya, vanilla, pepper, and cinnamon from Java, cashew nuts from India, and a multitude of other thriving ground plants, as well as grasses, shrubs, and trees, many of which were the product of his skillful crossbreeding.

But toxins are released only if the seed is chewed and swallowed [ 91 ]. A Neanderthal flower burial in northern Iraq.

The strong motive behind observing Dobur Uie is the sense of fear or reverence shown by the Mising people towards god or deities. Soups can be seasoned with this relative of basil.

Schultes as quoted by E. Azhinjil Bark,roots gonnorhoea Amaranthaceae Achyranthes aspera L. Sun increases lactone production. Plants Using in Treatment of Snakebite and Other Relevant Information plant species belonging to 48 plant families have been identified as being used in the treatment of snakebite by traditional healers in Bangladesh. A climbing slender plant with curved spines; leaves reduced to scales, leaf like cladodes succulent and green, flowers white in simple recemes; fruits three lobed, mature fruits are red in colour.


This is a way of protecting the healing knowledge while sharing information about the plant being used.

Location of the kavalactones in the plant root stock center woody portion: Brazil cress, Toothache plant; Mis: A big tree; leave cm broad, Flowers large, white, the fruits are used as vegetables. All necessary information about the plants and their status are gathered.

Seed paste is applied locally as antidote and also for reducing the swelling and pain of snakebite. Seed powder is mixed with Andrographis paniculata seed powder to consume with lemon juice.

Memes are units of memorable cultural information. Duggal fibre tree; Mis: Very rare Sarcochlamys pulcherrima Roxb.

Even a baby knows how to eat. The sperm and egg join and the result is NOT a baby moss. Paste of leaf is applied topically on the biting place.

The head and the feathers of the sacrificed chickens are hung on the bamboo sticks near the altar. Cultivars heard of but not seen by participants at the meeting: In every human society worship is performed with traditional rituals for well-being.

Very rare Bambusa tulda Roxb. It is also used in jaundice. How do you know when to use local and when to use foreign medicine? West Bengal, India [ 49 ] 19 Buchanania lanzan Spreng.