Some characteristics of ephaptic transmission of action potentials were investigated with squid giant axons. For these studies two isolated axons were placed. Thus, the secondary peaks must represent the orthodromic impulses generated by ephaptic transmission. An average inter-peak interval of ms between the. Ephaptic transmission was implied. NEUROLOGY (Ny) ; Aberrant conduction in human peripheral nerve: Ephaptic transmission? Richard A.

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This effect was not quantitatively explored, however, until experiments by Katz and Schmitt [4] inwhen the two explored the electric transmissoin of two adjacent limb nerves of the crab Carcinus maenas.

The latter immediately abated, together with abnormal muscle responses, after microvascular decompression. When the speed of the propagated action potential is lowered by replacing the normal artifical seawater ASW with low-sodium ASW, some ephaptic effects are enhanced.

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Ephaptic transmission | definition of ephaptic transmission by Medical dictionary

Learn More about ephaptic. However, newer research has been challenging some of the previously accepted models.

One of the few known cases of a functional system in which ephaptic coupling is responsible for an observable physiological event is in the Purkinje cells of the rat cerebellum.

In a preoperative study of 21 patients, we delivered a series of stimuli, in short increments, successively distally trasnmission the temporal ephaptif of the facial nerve to record abnormal muscle responses from the orbicularis oculi and mentalis muscles. Over time the term ephaptic coupling has come to be used not only in cases of electric interaction between adjacent elements, but also more generally to describe the effects induced by any field changes along the cell membrane.

Hence the phenomenon is of not only fundamental interest but also applied one from treating epilepsy to novel learning systems. These findings support a model in which ephaptic coupling works alongside canonical synapses to propagate signals epjaptic neuronal networks.


Comments on ephaptic What made you want to look up ephaptic? They tested the effects of changing extracellular space which affects local epaptic fields and found that one can block epileptic synchronization independent of chemical synapse manipulation simply by increasing the space between cells. Test your visual vocabulary with our question challenge!

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Have your cake and eat pie too. This coupling may effectively synchronize neurons into periods of enhanced excitability or depression and allow for specific patterns of action potential timing often referred to transsmission spike timing.

The idea that the electrical activity generated by nervous tissue may influence the activity of surrounding nervous tissue is one that dates back to the late 19th century. Early experiments, like those by du Bois-Reymond, [3] demonstrated that the firing of a primary sphaptic may induce the firing of an adjacent secondary nerve termed “secondary excitation”.

However, many authors have worked to create more refined models in order to more accurately represent the environments of the nervous system. It is concluded that in regions in which axons are confined by restricted extracellular volume, the large extracellular voltage changes arising during the transsmission of an action potential in one can cause ephaptic excitation in another.

Test Your Knowledge – and learn some transmissipn things along the way. The early work performed by Katz and Schmitt demonstrated that ephaptic coupling between the two adjacent nerves was insufficient to stimulate an action potential in the resting nerve. We all scream for Depending on the location and identity of the neurons, various mechanisms have been found to underlie ephaptic inhibition.

How to use a word that literally drives some people nuts. Subscribe to America’s largest dictionary and get thousands more definitions and tranmsission search—ad free! It may refer to the coupling of adjacent touching nerve fibers caused by the exchange of ions between the cells, or it may refer to coupling of nerve fibers as a result of local electric fields.


The awkward case of ‘his or her’. Although the exact functional role of this inhibition is still unclear, transmisison may well have a synchronizing effect in the Purkinje cells as the ephaptic effect will limit the firing time.

Resources for ephaptic Time Traveler! Transjission in Clin Neurophysiol. Cable theory is one of the most important mathematical equations in neuroscience. The dictionary has been scrambled—can you put it back together? Inbasic tests were being conducted on squid giant axons in order to find evidence of ephaptic events.

How we chose ‘justice’. Dictionary Entries near ephaptic eperythrozoon eperythrozoonosis ephapse ephaptic ephedra ephedrine ephelis. Their work demonstrated that the progression of the action potential in the active axon caused excitability changes in the inactive axon.

Ephaptic coupling – Wikipedia

Hence it is a hypothesis that neurobiology and evolution of brain coped with ways of preventing such synchronous behavior on large scale, using it rather in other special cases. Myelination is thought to inhibit ephaptic interactions. And is one way more correct than the others? An abnormal muscle ephsptic results from lateral spread of impulses between motor axons at the site of vascular compression rather than at the facial nucleus.

This study establishes the mechanism of lateral spread responsible for abnormal muscle responses and contributes to the understanding of pathophysiology underlying hemifacial spasm. This page was last edited on trasmission Novemberat He’s making a quiz, and checking it twice