Elijahova stolica [Igor Stiks] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Igor Stiks. Elijahova stolica. Zagreb. Fraktura. pages. ISBN IGOR STIKS was born in in Sarajevo. The brutal siege of the city. Elijahova stolica igor stiks pdf viewer Quigly isobilateral hypnopompic and eli pdf viewer infused their distributions break follows greedily.

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The writing was Richard Richter, the title character, is a igot of some celebrity that upon moving home to Vienna from Paris learns new and naturally, earth shattering information his parents. The theme of view spoiler [suicide hide spoiler ] is throughout the book, but it is not discussed to the same length or depth as view spoiler [incest hide spoiler ] is. One of the best stories I’ve ever read. I love elkjahova Amazon Prime benefit as it introduces me to many authors and selections of which I would otherwise be unaware.

The best Kindle free book of month I’ve read. Started slowly but built to a strong finish. Richard Richter enters war torn Sarajevo to find his real father.

Igor Stiks. Elijahova stolica. – Free Online Library

I thought the setting of Sarajevo in really added to the story as well. This book is gripping, with suspense thrown in. I was saddened, but not surprised, by the ending. Daring This had me seeking out some of the novels that where spoken about. Come on, I don’t need to be forewarned more than two, let’s say three times before I get the idea this will not be real happy. I actually lgor multiple other books during the time I was struggling through this one, something I did only because I couldn’t imagine what could be so gosh-darned awful that it stolixa that much build-up — I had to know.

I typically read everything from the dedication to the author note at the end. I have to be honest I did not actually finish this book. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.


Return to Book Page. The negatives, or what I found so, are the oh-please-not-again redundancies in the thoughts of the main narrator Richardthe predictability of the plot with its over-reliance on a certain classic,compounded by a clumsy attempt at interweaving classic passages as this book revealed at last what the reader already knew, cause me A Kindle First A framed story with the nested narratives of a diary, a mystery slowly unraveled, glimpses of WWII history, and a meticulous resolution are the positives.

I loved the way the story moves towards its denouement; there’s a moment when it suddenly dawns on you what’s coming and you say, a-ha!

Also, I would have liked to see more development of the actual city and war, as if the author could have ventured out more than he did into the depth of the struggle and given it equal footing to his own struggles. The second book as well has been rewarded as the best Croatian book of and it has won the prestigious Ksaver Sandor Gjalski prize. Lists with This Book. Interesting read though it can be slow moving at times. Not too interesting til midway This was hard to follow at times and not exactly page-turner but the story was OK once it got going.

The reason I kept at it was the sheer poetry, the way the author expressed his views. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. I liked the book’s call for humanity and civic engagement – and was fascinated by the portrayal of that war as harbinger of new nationalism, anti-democratic developments, anti-refugee sentiments, religious warfare, etc.

The theme of view spoiler [suicide and incest hide spoiler ] are throughout the book, making it advisable to pass on this book if discussions of such topics are triggering for you.

Zaplet spaja dva rata iz At first I was bothered by the constant dangling of the carrot. Repetitive Took a long time to get going. The author missed the opportunity to develop the background story. Other than the Sarajevo setting, does not add much insight or novelty to the shoah-based genre.

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I enjoyed this book, but felt it had way too much premonition. Perhaps it just isn’t my cup of tea. It is here where Richter finds the information that upends the truth of his life and sends him searching for answer s.

Igor Stiks

Although I enjoy fiction, I still want to learn something about the historic rlijahova, the geography, the culture, etc. The worst examples of this are when you are reading Richard’s thoughts, particularly in the beginning of the book. It does pick up at the end.

I shall carry it with me for a long time. This style of writing can be boring to some, laborious to others, and enjoyable to readers like me.

To say this book is unusual is putting it mildly. As one can garner from the trigger warnings, this subject matter is not for everyone. The writing is pretty, so that makes it tolerable, but not worth the time. This took a bit of time to enjoy. Not an easy ending but worth reading. Also, I must ask, is the crime that so distresses the protagonist really worse than the adultery that causes him no regret and few moments of thought?

Set mostly in Sarajevo, the author intends to share the atmosphere of the besieged region during that time. It didn’t make the book any less compelling, but it does give you time to wrestle with the implications. In the end I was glad I stuck with it.

Quotes from Elijahova stolica. Elijahovx “war” is more of a setting than the subject of the novel.

Elijahova stolica by Igor Ć tiks (3 star ratings)

With such a rich premise shiks finding his mother’s letter, Richard’s search had so much possibility. It’s written in first person and seemed very much autobiographical and overly emotional.

He has published two novels: