The Model (digital) updates a preferred scouting tool among treasure hunting enthusiasts to provide even better tuning using the digital tuner and the. Electroscope is an electronic locator similar to a metal detector but will recognize the presence of metals Model Digital Electroscope – FREE SHIPPING!. Today Electroscope offers a wide selection of long range instruments which not only Boasting separate gold and silver modes, the Model has a maximum .

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This report follows an earlier report on the Electroscope Model It was shown that the Model 20 was nothing but a dowsing rod, and the circuitry inside largely consisted of elecgroscope wiring and epoxy modules containing do-nothing junk. The only function of the Model 20 was to apply a DC voltage across the antennae.

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In normal markets, this would indicate that the Model has significantly more functionality, or manufacturing costs, than the Model Let’s take a look. On the outside, the has several additional controls, plus a meter. The top of the control box is shown in Figure 2.

The also has a knob unlabled on the bottom of the box near the swivel handle, and the handle has a trigger switch, both of which were lacking on the So from the outside, it would appear as if the the has several more features than the The inside of the is shown in Figure 3.

It is very similar in apperarance to the Model 20, containing the same two epoxy modules that appear to leectroscope been molded in an ice cube tray, and the excessive amounts of “Bell”-type wire, again all one color. Elextroscope the additional controls, there is one small module not contained in the Model 20, shown in Figure 4.

Also note the marker notations on the inside of the upper case. Most likely, this is meaningless gibberish. The circuit schematic for the Model is shown in Figure 5.

electrosckpe It electrosclpe basically identical to the schematic that was traced out by another anonymous individual, in another Electroscope Report. I did not dissect elecrroscope epoxy modules on this unit, because I wanted to maintain this unit in an undamaged state. I did analyze all the wiring, and determined that the epoxy modules contain the same nonsense as the modules that were dissected in the Model 20, and electroecope in the other report.


The block labled “Module” represents the “mystery” module shown in Fig. In fact, it is shorted, making the gold and silver settings electrically identical. In the other Electroscope Reportthat author described the module as a “watch I. It doen’t appear to me to be a watch module, but it does appear to be surplus scrap. It so happens, that electfoscope module is identical to one that I found inside the “Phaser” described in the Model 20 reportand is the right-most item shown in Fig.

Those who understand circuit schematics will realize that the does basically the same thing as the The additional controls do absolutely nothing more than this. The trigger switch on the handle is just part of a series of On-Off switches, and the bottom control knob adds a series variable resistance to one of the outer antenna, which does nothing it doesn’t even vary the voltage, because it’s part of an open-circuit.

On the top of the control box, the additional mode switches and knobs further vary the voltage that’s applied to the antennae. The meter simply displays the amount of current the circuit is consuming.

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It is useful electrosscope remove the extraneous nonsense from this drawing, and reduce the schematic down to just circuit components: The two circuit paths 30 the gold and silver modes are identical except for the mystery module, which does not do anything, so I’ve reduced the two paths down to one. It is easier to see that the circuit applies a variable DC voltage across the antennae; that two of the switches switch in extra k resistors to reduce the voltage range; and that the potentiometer on the upper antenna 3011 part of an open circuit, and has no effect whatsoever.

Also note that the “Tune” potentiometer does nothing at all because it is also part of an open circuit, unless a “module” is plugged into the “accessory jack”. From the Model 20 reportwe saw that one such module is nothing but a 1k resistor connected across the plug.


Two more similar modules that came with this unit also measured to have a resistance of 1k across the plug, so electroscop they are designed to do, is drain the battery.

When one of the modules is plugged in, the “Tune” knob will vary how fast the battery drains. So, the end result, is that the Model is functionally identical to the Model From the magazine advertising and sales brochures, it is interesting that Afilani makes no claims that the Electroscopes will do anything useful at all.

Meaningless marketing terms electrocope used, like calling it “a legal weapon in the field. Therefore, it would be accurate to call the Electroscope a “treasure locator”, in the context of wallet mining. The circuitry in the Model mostly just drains the battery. The gold mode and silver mode are electrically identical. The control knob on the bottom of the unit does nothing.

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The “Tune” knob does nothing at all, unless an “accessory” module is plugged in to the handle. The epoxy modules and the “mystery module” are nothing but junk designed to dissuade casual inspection.

Like the Model 20, the Model has no ability to physically locate gold or silver. But the manufacturer does not claim it will do so, so there is no inconsistency in what electrosccope claimed, and what it does.

Well, basically, more knobs and switches. All of which do nothing useful. Electrosscope in reality, the Model just offers a more high-tech look, while perfoming the exact same function: But for some folks, looks are worth a lot, and a dowsing rod with a high-tech look is a better dowsing rod, than a dowsing rod that only looks like a dowsing rod.

Morelandall rights reserved. Electroscope Model Report.

Schematic click for larger image. Phaser photo showing the same “mystery module”. Simplified Schematic click for larger image.