Elaskon Sachsen has been specialising in the production of wire rope lubre and preservation agents for decades. The long-standing cooperation with wire rope. Elaskon Product identifier. Relevant identified uses of the substance or mixture and uses advised against. Use of the substance/mixture lubricant. MSDS Details. Product Name: Elaskon Product Code: Language: English Regulation: CHIP, 67//EEC Manufacturer: Metropa Rotterdam B.V.

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Elaskon 30

We’ll always treat your personal details with the utmost care and will never sell them to elaskoj companies for marketing purposes. Includes information on toxicity of the chemical. MSDS includes information such as melting point, boiling point, and flash point of a hazardous material.


MSDS shows how the material reacts to environment and how to store it properly. Describes the effects when workers come into contact with the chemical and how to proceed in case of an accident.

Elaskon 30 MSDS Download

Instructions on what protective equipments should be used to handle the materials. Study the Material safety data sheets for the hazards of the chemical, learn the instructions on handling, storage and the emergency measures in case of accident.

Take our free online course to learn how to to properly apply and use your MSDS. Complete a full risk assessment for your workplace so that you can map out all the hazards into a single comprehensive COSHH assessment. Find out how we can help here.

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Elaskon 30 MSDS Download Health & Safety Software | Sevron

Safe handling and storage The right first aid measures Protect people close to you. Elaskon 30 Product Code: V CAS Number s: How it works – 1. I strongly believe that health and safety is the responsibility of every single employer. I have made myself a promise to ensure that employers’ and the public are provided with the necessary knowledge and tools to make their workplaces safer. My aim is to give back to those of you that elaskno been affected by chemical incidents and to help bring positive change to your world.

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