David Einhorn of Greenlight Capital is speaking now at the Ira Sohn Investment Conference in New York City. What will Einhorn. David Einhorn Presentation At Ira Sohn: Short AthenaHealth. May 5, at pm by Sheeraz Raza. David Einhorn is President of Greenlight Capital, Inc. Embattled activist David Einhorn on Monday unveiled a new short-selling Robbins made the comment during his presentation at the Sohn.

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Hint at other shorts.

David Einhorn graduated with a B. Send me ocassional third presentqtion offers Yes No. As you can imagine, Einhorn likes gold and gold stocks.

David Einhorn Presentation At Ira Sohn: Short AthenaHealth

You would think CLB is steeped in hot markets based on bulls, but this is not the case. For more coverage of this event, be sure to head to notes from the Ira Sohn Conference as well as Steve Eisman’s presentation, Subprime Goes to College.

sobn The hedge fund manager’s speech entitled, “Good News for the Grandchildren” focuses on how our grandchildren won’t have to pay for the consequences of our actions; we will.

Einhorn does not think oil prices will go up. And if you want to see the latest portfolio moves from top investment managers, head to our ongoing hedge fund portfolio tracking series. Use this information at your own risk. UBS analysts are ria on this, opines Presenntation. He screamed through slides and provided very little detail, more of a way to touch on several ideas, so people can do their own work.


Never Miss A Story! Greenlight Capital’s David Einhorn gave a presentation on a ton of different stocks. Only time will tell.

He thinks a crisis has already unfolded and that our generation will be the ones paying for it.

Earnings are poised to disappoint. Posted by market folly at 8: ATHN went ballistic in 6 months from Nov. Japan’s two largest social network companies are in the cellar.

Short US Steel X. Tracking top hedge funds since Use this information at your own risk. That is because this is a new idea.

Default or return to Franc not out of the question. Sales of adult diapers outsold those for babies this year.

David Einhorn 2014 Ira Sohn Conference Presentation

Excerpt From Sohb Bo Where could we be wrong. Market Folly readers can receive a discount to the event by clicking here and using discount code: Subscribe to ValueWalk Newsletter. Ira Sohn Conference Notes: Einhorn notes the CEO has been calling for V shaped recovery since and is now calling for one. All the projections of analysts were wrong — there was 47 percent decline in CLB earnings i 2 years but they never reconsidered.

David Einhorn Presentation At Ira Sohn Investment Conference

We’re posting up notes from the Ira Sohn Conference. They drew revolver to buy stock until when they had to actually sell equity. Einhorn believes the company hypes a lot and constantly changes its pitch of what it einhhorn based on what is hot — shale, or whatever.


When they stop going up…. What will Einhorn pitch? Readers can find links to ALL of our Sohn coverage at this post so you do not need to search around the site although feel free to do so David Einhorn comments below.

Core always buys back stock regardless of price. Next, we’re detailing the speech from Greenlight Capital’s David Einhorn.

David Einhorn’s Ira Sohn Presentation: “Good News for the Grandchildren” ~ market folly

Make sure you sign up for our free newsletter to ensure you do not miss any updates! Core was always cyclical and is exposed to least desirable sector. Revenue growth, no op profits; criticized company’s weak profit growth David notes that as stocks increase in price …shares disconnect from fundamentals and jokes that depending on the stockall of them seem to be at a reasonable in valuation in relation to each other, nothing that other competitors seem to be at bubbly valuations.

Long Argentina Sovereign Debt I