Eigenantrag · Eigenkapitalersetzendes Darlehen · Eigenverwaltung · Einstellung Nachlassgericht · Neue Zeitschrift für das Recht der Insolvenz und Sanierung. Okt. und Durchführung von Verbraucher- und Regelinsolvenzen. Antrag Verbraucherinsolvenz, Antrag Regelinsolvenz, Antrag Privatinsolvenz. Die drohende Zahlungsunfähigkeit ist lediglich bei einem Eigenantrag Bei Regelinsolvenzverfahren („Unternehmensinsolvenzen”, „IN-Verfahren”) wird in der.

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In particular, these include inability to pay and overindebtedness. If the debtor has petitioned this, they are entitled to execute obligations incumbent on the assets.

During the verification meeting, the insolvency administrator enters every registered claim into a schedule for the court. A activation email has been sent to you. Das Schutzschirmverfahren ist ein gerichtliches Sanierungsverfahren.

Dienstleistungen: Steuern, Finanzen und Recht

In addition, a final record is usually not submitted. Antragsteller eines Reegelinsolvenz kann nur der Schuldner selbst sein. The debtor must submit the insolvency plan to the insolvency court by the specified deadline.

Schuldnerverzeichnis nach neuem Recht Online – Auskunft. If these conditions are met, the court will order debtor-in-possession proceedings.

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The insolvency court shall docket a meeting to discuss the insolvency plan and the voting rights of the parties concerned and subsequently vote on the plan. Amtsvormundschaft – Amtspflegschaft – Jugendamt. Bei Annahme des Insolvenzplans wird das Insolvenzverfahren aufgehoben.


Since mid, a new petition may be filed just five years after final refusal of discharge of residual debt previously this was only possible after ten years. Der Insolvenzantrag bedarf der Schriftform.

Imminent insolvency is only grounds for insolvency when a personal petition is filed. Als denkbar wird teilweise angenommen, dass der vorgeschlagene Sachwalter bereits im Rahmen der Erstellung des schuldnerischen Sanierungskonzeptes projektbegleitend aktiv war.

Further requirements as to the form and content of this certification is not provided by the law. If enforcement has already been initiated against the debtor, the debtor may request that these enforcement measures be suspended. In practice, this was already in place prior to the ESUG entering into force, especially for large proceedings, but had no legal basis.

Zur A-Z-Liste aller Dienstleistungen. Once the plan has been accepted, the regulatory arrangements must be implemented by the debtor.

Email address subscribed successfully. The new rules under the ESUG also give the debtor the option to maintain the company under self-administration until proceedings are opened. Distribution In contrast to standard distribution, the insolvency plan may provide for different arrangements.

If the creditors reject the insolvency eigenantrav, the proceedings shall be conducted as standard insolvency proceedings from then on. Diese Rechtsfrage wird in der unterinstanzlichen Rechtsprechung unterschiedlich beantwortet. Einkommensteuer – Festsetzung regelinsolvnz Pflichtveranlagung.

The provisional insolvency monitor is generally tasked preparing reports in provisional debtor-in-possession proceedings. Review This Product No reviews yet – be the first to create one! Discharge of residual debt is only initiated for the debtor if the costs of the proceedings are covered.


Strict differentiation is required for insolvency proceedings that have been initiated by petition from a public authority. The insolvency monitor shall verify such records and survey and give a written statement for each as to whether the result of his verification gives rise to objections.

Paperback – Trade Pages: This was previously only possible once the proceedings had been opened. Typical procedure for self-administration proceedings Self-administration is an institution that has rarely been applied in practice in the past.

This will be granted if on the balance of probabilities a eigenantrga proportion of jobs will be retained. Claims by creditors against co-debtors and guarantors are not included in the discharge of residual debt either.

Im Insolvenzplan kann die Verpflichtung zur Erstellung der Rechnungslegung abbedungen werden. In addition to commissioning an expert report, the court has the option eigenantrqg ordering measures to safeguard the estate.

Typical procedure for self-administration proceedings

Eine Anordnung der Eigenverwaltung setzt voraus, dass. The option for provisional self-administration was also created. Is the information for this product incomplete, wrong or inappropriate?