Egusi Melon is cultivated in portions of West Africa, especially in Western Nigeria, for the food in the seed and as a crop interplanted with maize, cassava. A study of two cultivars of ‘egusi’ melon [Citrullus lanatus (Thunb.) Matsun and Nakai] known as bara and serewe, was undertaken at the. Melon seed (egusi) is a popular food crop in Nigeria and other African countries that comes with lots of health benefits which are vital for children, young and old, .

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Nkwobi Spicy Cow Foot. Its biology is virtually unknown.

8 Egusi | Lost Crops of Africa: Volume II: Vegetables | The National Academies Press

Anti-arthritic Properties Kachhawah et al. Jelon leaves and the gourds can also serve as livestock fodders. Season Egusi Seeds are available all year round. Vegetable Sauce Salad Stew. The results suggest that egusi seeds have good potential for fortifying both traditional and modern food formulations. The Egusi Melons described here Nigerian Ibara are a subspecies of the watermelon species. Mixed Vegetables Curry Sauce.



Low Temperature Watermelon requires a relatively long, hot, growing season usually about 4 months of frost-free weather. Egusi is in high demand in tropical markets, especially in the peri-urban and urban markets.

We pledge to keep your email safe. Goes well with lots of meals, check it out! In some West African countries the main egusi crop may be Cucumeropsis mannii ,elon edulis. So what exactly is Spinach? Egusi Soup Fried Method.

Groundnut Milk Peanut Milk. Also commonly used are egksigoatfishshrimpsor crayfish. Following any of these procedures, the seeds are easily separated by hand or by a stream of water. Readings were taken on fresh fruits by randomly selecting fruits samples for the basic dimensions.

In the 30 years since, egusi production has spread further. Though not my favourite soup condiment but I know countless people that enjoy egusi soup to bits.

The Basics Mmelon Agriculture Development: The results showed that, on three replications, the average vertical weight required to crush the fruit was Egusi Melon is relatively disease free in its native regions. Its oil is considered superior to that of peanut, and it sells for higher prices in the market.


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O Ohijeagbon, and H. Egusi fruits compared to egusj as in Rafiee et al. How to cite this article: As a result, wider spacing about 3 m between plants is necessary. A natural product like this could perhaps have a marketplace advantage big enough to overcome the limitations of distance and doubt. Articles needing additional references from July All articles needing additional references.

Potato and Fish Pepper Soup. Is the egusi plant productive at high elevation?

The pulp of the watermelon fruit, however, is sweet and edible while the Egusi Melon has bitter and inedible fruit pulp. All are cultivated on a large scale in West and Central Me,on as they are easy to grow and their seeds are popular foods, and most of what we say here applies to them as well.

Rainfall Although drought-tolerant, the plant requires a steady supply of water for best fruit production.