By now most people have heard about the EF Strategy Guide, but that this work goes beyond the manual included with the game itself. Instructions on installing EF V2 on 64 bit Windows are available. .. If you have a specific EF TrackIR profile, assign it to the game. Super EF – Manual. Game Title, Super EF Document Type, Manual. Platform, PC (DOS/Windows). Author, paulo_becas (stats). Author website.

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I also use the F1 key to get an unobstructed view. Then I fire the maverick ef20000 most of the times it misses the target. When this horizontal line passes through the target release your bombs. An excellent glide distance matrix is given for you guys that think carrying an external fuel tank wastes a hard point. Another one of those sections I jumped to. Al Denby Select “Engage” and tell the wingmen to break.

If your plane is drifting to port, use a slight amount Posted by: One solution is to engage the ILS and then follow the waypoint carret.

EF FAQ for PC by SBlack – GameFAQs

Not only will you learn how to use the maneuvers to attack your adversary, but also what to do in case your opponent is using these tactics against you. If you want greater distances, altitudes of 10, seem to work the best. And while there are a few anomalies, they are not glaring, “This is wrong” anomalies, but more of a “I am not sure I fully agree majual that, but it will work”, differences.

The mission run through gives new pilots a great lesson in how and why to think like a fighter pilot. Webweaver 0 point.


EF2000 (Special Edition) download

EF has an addon available: Easier said than done, but that’s the ideal. Joe Gayle When I’m flying a cap there is a waypoint 8, it’s the landing waypoint but I can’t get to it.

After you get through this, you will be better than most of the guys talking smack on the Internet. Oh, and try to keep out of the dirt by keeping a close eye on your altimeter. What else is new?

PC (DOS/Windows)

In the practice I line up on target, I get the bomb sight up, The triangle is showing, but I tell when to release. I fly towards the target and then I switch to the MFD to Slew the seeker head to get the target in the middle. Your other wingmen won’t follow if the tower says the field is still busy. When my wingman says to attack his target, is there any way to see what his target is? What is the CCIP? As for the use of drag and bracket maneuvers drag is the most useful.

You cover,” go find another target. This whole section is good to learn the missile parameters, but I think the most useful part is the manul use of the Gun Snake.

This can also happen on autopilot if the plane starts circling the target which usually would be impossible if SAMS were doing their jobs. Make sure to turn the map off.

Does anyone know if there’s a way to instruct your wingman to take evasive action to dodge missiles. The success or failure of these missiles depends on A LOT of different factors. Forgot your username or password?

Be quick though or your wingman is history. Write a comment Share your gamer memories, help others to run the game or comment anything you’d like. Game is installed and runs, but then it closes and goes back to DOS window with following message: Does anyone know here i can get the sound file??? Anyway, with either type of missile, the key is to get into a good firing position without the bandit knowing you’re there.


After reading this section, you begin to realize that a ground strike can be a very exciting and stressful mission. Now we get to the meat. If you have trouble to run EFread the abandonware guide first!

+READ+ Ef game manual for madden == – UM6SS DIGITAL

Don’t switch to landing HUD mode until you see the field. Bracket is only really good for splitting up enemy formations before a close range dogfights. There is yame section on reading Energy Maneuverability diagrams. As in all the missions in various sections of the book, the missions are broken down into Briefing, Arming and Flying sections. Why, because the section is FULL of them.

A short section that will get you motivated to see just how high a high score YOU can get. Read our screenshot tutorial. I can find no other reference anywhere in the manual gaje explain what this is, or how to initiate it, or even to verify that “autofiring” is engaged Try to pull up as soon as you release or you will be caught in the blast unless using snakeyes.