Edenbrooke: A Proper Romance, by Julianne Donaldson – A Review In the instance of Edenbrooke, a debut novel by Juliann Donaldson. “Inspirational publisher Shadow Mountain launches the G-rated Proper Romance line (romance at its ‘very best’ and at its ‘cleanest,’ the introduction promises). Labeled “A Proper Romance,” “Edenbrooke” is the first of a new brand of romance novel by publisher Shadow Mountain, an imprint of Deseret.

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Oooh, and did I mention the love-letter writing lesson Philip gives Marianne? Thanks for telling us about the problem. If this was fanfiction I read on the internet then it still would have been bad. She was able to pretend she was a milkmaid and sing a silly song in front of a stranger at in inn without the least embarrassment, but have a man tell her she’s looking beautiful and suddenly she loses all her wits and that man is an arrogant, odious flirt!

To be so near you without touching you is agony. So impressed that this is a debut novel for the writer and I so look forward to more. It’s funny with a hint of intrigue.

Philip is the ideal hero, it’s no surprise that so many people have added him to their “book boyfriend” list. And not have a reaction like this: Philip is kind and thoughtful, playful and genuine.


This book is Historical Edenbroole at it’s best! He even loved it. There was not a dull moment to be had. I can promise you, once you read this book, you will be recommending it to all of your friends. There was a reason Grandmother had warned me not to sing. Her fraternal twin, Cecily, has been enjoying life in London and plans to snag the estate’s heir, while Marianne is looking forward to seeing her sister again and enjoying the countryside.


They’re is an easy report between them and you can really feel their connection. Ahhh, this book was pure bliss as I could imagine being there at Edenbrooke and experiencing it all myself. Shadow Mountain Publishing is releasing this new brand at a time when readers are looking for something more uplifting rlmance clean, but still fun and light.

What I am supposed to do now??!

Edenbrooke: A Proper Romance, by Julianne Donaldson – A Review | Austenprose – A Jane Austen Blog

Marianne is such a loveable and fun character in this story! Darcy it is possible that his twin edenbrkoke found roaming the grounds of Edenbrooke.

This is my umpteenth time reading Edenbrooke and I love it more and more each time! On the way to Edenbrooke, Marianne’s carriage is set upon by a highwayman, and when her coachman is shot, she has to drive the carriage to the nearest inn by herself this was one of the few useful and admirable things the girl did in the entire romace.

Even better, the author has taken less liberty with edenrbooke era rules than most regency novelists.

But Marianne can’t decide if he really likes her or is just flirting, and in any case she’s unsure of her own feelings. I absolutely loved the characters. Hope there are more to come! When Philip’s true identity is revealed, Marianne must confront her fears as well as her growing affection for him. She is rather bored with Exenbrooke and the attentions of one odious Mr.


I had seen the book in catalogs and such before but hadn’t read it just yet. Her grandmother consents to the plan on one condition: He’s the perfect hero, and I look forward to reading Heir to Edenbrooke. Edenbrooke is a fabulous book full of laughs and tingles. Donaldson writes in a commentary at the end of her book that Georgette Heyer was one of her influences.

Edenbrooke : a proper romance

Her grandmother decides to name her as the heir to a small fortune and at the same time Marianne is invited by her twin sister to Edenbrooke for the summer. The heroine is very relatable for me.

I totally get that. My mother, ever anxious for me to make friends, called me over to point out her new friend’s daughter, a girl about my age with long, curling blonde hair, wearing a frilly dress, and.

But no, she can’t figure it out at ALL.