UN/ECE R transposition. • Informal document to GRPE january • Need to update Regulation 49 for «Euro VI requirements». • Informal document . Download/Embed scientific diagram | ECE R49 mode cycle used for automotive from publication: Automotive test drive cycles for emission measurement and. Download Citation on ResearchGate | On Feb 1, , Y. Xu and others published Comparison between ECE R49 and ESC test cycles for heavy-duty vehicle.

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This information shall also include a description of any effects on emissions of operating the system under low ambient temperatures. Cumulative number of engines tested sample size.

This site uses cookies to improve your browsing experience. If the manufacturer chooses, until the date specified in paragraph The procedures for demonstrating the compliance of an engine system or engine-after-treatment system family over the normal useful life are set out in Annex 7.

EUR-Lex – X(01) – EN – EUR-Lex

On delivery to the customer the engine shall bear a label as specified in paragraph 4. The engine approved as a technical unit shall bear, in addition to the approved mark:.

Components on-board the vehicle of the systems ensuring the correct operation of NO x control measures.

The parent engine shall meet the requirements of this Regulation without any readjustment to the fuelling between the two tests. Coast down information from the test track 6. The documentation shall describe the functional operation of the inducement system required by Annex 11, including the parameters necessary for retrieving the information associated with that system.


If the vehicle or engine conforms to an approved type under one or more other Regulations annexed to the Agreement, in the country which has granted approval under this Regulation, the symbol prescribed in paragraph 4. Characteristics make, eece, flow, etc. Valve timing or equivalent data.

Name and address of manufacturer.

When applying for type ee, manufacturers shall present to the Type Approval Authority information showing that the NO x system retains its emission control function during all conditions regularly pertaining in the region e. This value shall be calculated and rounded off to the nearest cm 3.

Emission Test Cycles: ECE R49

Annex 3 to this Regulation gives examples of arrangements of approval marks. Make of catalytic converter.

The installation of an engine type-approved as a separate technical unit on a vehicle shall, in addition, comply with the following requirements:. Extension to include a new exe system into an engine-family.

Adjustable load r499 dynamometer setting information if used. An automatically opening and closing, non-removable fuel filler cap.

If no such test data is available, the manufacturer shall, within 60 working days after receipt of the notification referred to in paragraph 9.

The following do not need to be approved according to this Regulation: Exhaust back pressure shall not exceed that declared for the engine type approval in Part 1 of Annex 1. CO 2 emissions mass emission d: Essential characteristics of the vehicle components and systems with regard to exhaust-emissions.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

Make and type of the fuel regulator. If the systems, components or separate technical units referred to in this annex have electronic controls, information concerning their performance shall be supplied.

If the means of identification of type contains characters not relevant to describe the vehicle, component or separate technical unit types covered by this information document, such characters shall be represented in the documentation by the symbol “? Fail the series if. PM emissions for the engine analyzed with the low sulfur fuels are close to the Euro II r4 0.


R499 appropriate, manufacturer reference of the Documentation for installing in a vehicle an OBD equipped engine system.

For dual-fuel engines, fuel consumption WHTC test in dual-fuel mode d: Additional pollution control devices if any, and if not covered by another heading. Conformity of production 9. Normal operating temperature K and pressure kPa ranges. Introduction This paragraph paragraph 9. The application shall be drawn up in accordance with the model of the information document set out in Appendix 1 to Annex Fail decision number B n. On request of the Type Approval Authority and following in-service testing in accordance with paragraph 9.

The availability of the data stream information requested in paragraph 9. Corrigendum to Supplement 1 to the 06 series of amendments — Date of entry into force: Electronic control unit ECU. After the adaptation run, the engine shall be cooled down cee accordance with paragraph 7. Contracting Parties applying this Regulation shall, from 1 Septembergrant an ECE approval to an engine system or vehicle only if it complies with:.

Fuel A and fuel B, fine-tuning between the tests allowed. Ec manufacturer shall also ensure compliance with off-cycle requirements set out in paragraph 5.