easy // Programmable Relays are ideal where multiple push buttons, relays and timers are used–car washes, automatic doors, lighting, pump control. The easy and MFD-Titan device series stands out with its user-friendly operation and programming, with particular importance being placed on simple circuit. Eaton Moeller EASY Relay. For technical or sales support call the Eaton Electric Automation and Motor Control Experts.

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When the preset time is reached then the timer switches. The default is “RUN” and the programmer will likely want to connect a start button to an input to start the machine actually running. The input I1 and the output relay Q1 are now “wired” together. This is identical to the normal off-delay ” ” function except that the time will be a random number between zero and the preset time. The circuit diagram in Figure 21 shows comparator A1 will “set” output relay Q1, and comparator A2 will “reset” Q1.

Figure 4 Circuit Diagram: Counters can count in either direction, plus or minus.

In all cases, I3 would still control output Q3. Instead, use 3 symbols and a “marker relay” coil, then place a contact from the marker relay at the beginning of the next line, then continue on.

Here, press the OK button, and I1 appears. After the reset coil RT1 is deactivated, the timer remains dead until the trigger coil TT1 is momentarily deactivated and then reactivated. Figure 9 Now move down to the 3rd line, and press OK twice to enter I1. The Card Menu shown in Figure 41 has 3 options: Changing or viewing the program. Another pulse to the TT1 coil while the time is already running will restart the time count and continue running.


This comparator is activated when the voltage on I7 is greater than or equal to a setpoint value. This comparator activates when the voltage on I7 is greater than or equal to the voltage on I8. If a password is set, you cannot view the program. Figure 32 Setting the Menu Language: This comparator is activated when the voltage on I8 is less than or equal to a setpoint value. An obvious application for this would be a “minimum-run” function perhaps for a pumping system, or perhaps to have a cooling fan continue running after a motor has stopped.

The flasher timer is like the “turn signal” relay on your automobile, it blinks on and off while the trigger coil TT1 is activated. See our main page for Klockner Moeller and Siemens parts. Figure 16 Output Relay Q Contacts: A total is kept, visible on the parameter screen, and when a preset total is reached, the counter’s contacts will switch over.

In manuaal case of a timer, the top left symbol indicates type on-delay, off-delay, etcin this case the X means “on-delay”. The units can be set to “retain” or “remember” the value of various functions thru a power-down and resume running exactly where they left off mwnual powered-up again. This is identical to the normal on-delay “X” function except that the time will be a random number between zero and the preset time.

Moeller EASY512 Manuals

Figure 26 “if” Jumps: Shown manaul a pushbutton on Input I2 and a limit switch on Input I4. Note that marker mxnual can be of various types: On-Delay, ” X, “: Supply Voltage AC Units: This screen is not available if a password is set and “active”, you must enter the password first and deactivate it.


If the password appears as “XXXX” then a previous password had been set and is stored in memory.

Changing unprotected relay function parameters. The Master and Slave units can be located side-by-side or remote from each other: Press “P ON” to activate.

EASY Intelligent Relays

Figure 10 Fill in any missing “wires” and you’re done! The number at the top Below that the “S” indicates “seconds”. If I2 activates the direction coil DC1, then pulses from I1 will count down I3 can be used to reset the counter back to zero.

In this circuit diagram Clock 1 contact ” 1″ controls output relay Q1 Note there are 2 parameter screens shown, though 4 are possible. See the section on System Menu, below.

If you see a “STOP” button, manuql unit is in run mode, and pressing it will stop processing. This comparator is activated when the voltage on I8 is greater than or equal to a setpoint value.

Combined with the “Random On-Delay” and “Random Off-Delay” timers shown in the previous section, the lights will come on not at the exact same times each day but rather at somewhat variable times, thereby more closely simulating an occupied house.

When the trigger coil TT1 manhal deactivated then the time count begins and when the time reaches the preset then the timer’s contacts switch off. Figure 2 Main Menu: