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It appears from the particulars of the Ulema of this class that Fiqh and Usul-e-Fiqh were considered mukytar highest criterion of learning and merit in their period. The cause of such laws was that according to the great Imam, Abu Hanifah, date wine is not only pure, but also lawful; may it produce excitement or it becomes more intoxicating.

It is quoted in Muheet and Khulasah in the same way and it is correct as mentioned in Tatarkhaniya. Your email address will not be published. Boost durr e mukhtar urdu book pdf your PC’s performance by applying targeted cleaning and intelligent tweaking to your system, programs, and processes. Abu Hanifah replied that such a person is a believer without any doubt. Hazrat Shah Waliullah and his able sons and descendants, by their effort and endeavor, made the teaching and imparting of the Sihah Sitta an integral part of the syllabus.

Hence, the Rizwan editor mikhtar wash his feet first, then wipe the head and neck, after that, wash hands and then his face or do as he likes. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.


But Hanafis denied that it was prescribed thus by Abu Hanifah. It is written in brief in Bombay edition on Pg.

Durr e mukhtar urdu book pdf free download

Possibly, our reader would be surprised over such statements said by the latter Imam. As time rolled on and educational needs multiplied, as per necessity, disciplines also continued to be added. The main durr e mukhtar urdu book pdf is a black field delineated by a grid of dots, with floating, draggable toolbars for durr e mukhtar urdu book pdf program’s vast selection of geometric shapes, boom, and grids.

It may be skin of dog, monkey or a bear. Therefore, Qifal Maroozi had performed the ablution in the reverse order because sequence was not obligatory. Correct writing and Dictation. Mastery in Fiqh Contd. And Abu Hanifah has said that it is not unlawful and a person who drinks it, should not be penalized. Ten sects are the bases of these seventy-three sects viz.

This law is present on Pg. After him his son, Shaikh Nurul -Haq, also tried to spread the study of Hadith but did not meet with success. Hiyati, Al-iyam, Abarat, Abqriyat. Imam Nawawi writes in Sharh Sahih Muslim: Bio Graph of Prophet syrat. Through the influence of the Iranian nobles and Ulema of the Mughal Court, Logic and Philosophy, which were ab initio considered the highest criterion of learning in Iran, were gaining superiority, slowly but steadily, over other sciences; and hence Shah Sahib’s restructuring of the course could not gain general popularity.

Calendar – Azaan – Urdu Keyboard. A tanned skin of dog was worn and one-fourth of its part was made even more impure. The prayer performed by Qifal was found according to the religion of Abu Hanifah.


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Sharah Shuzuruz Zahab complete. There is no argument in it for sequence. Rasulullah saw saw him in dream and he was hiding his fingers. And vows are prohibited if they are for others then Allah. Hamidi says that a person who says so is an infidel. However if they are slaughtered after saying Bismillah, it is permissible to pray in their flesh and untanned skin. This is the worst group against Islam. Whenever he used to question about traditions, mostly he used to find them in accordance with Shafei religion.

Then the books of Iraqis Hanafis were procured. And if this prayer be presented before even an ignorant person, he would not be ready to accept it. And hence, the Messenger of Allah S has said: Ablution was performed by the date wine.

Ghaayat-ul-awtaar Tarjuman-e-urdu Durr-e-mukhtar

It clearly proves that one can perform prayers wearing any skin except that of human or pig and water stored in a water-bag made out of it can be used for ablution. He gathered Shafei urud Hanafi jurists in Merv to debate and prove which of the two religions was better.

A prayer mat and vessels can be vurre out of its skin. Sharah Wiqayah Part 1 coml. All this is recommended. But if there is a mention of Allah, prayer is not void.