If you’ve read Georges Simenon’s classic of existential noir Dirty Snow you will probably believe there was mutual influence between Simenon. Georges Simenon’s Dirty Snow, a noir chronicle of a mean, vicious soul, is anything but the feel-good read of the summer. But novelist Jim. Georges Simenon is reasonably well-known as the Belgian author of the Maigret detective stories, but deserves to be a good deal more famous.

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‘Dirty Snow’ by Georges Simenon – Not Only the Snow was Dirty | Tony’s Book World

However, I can say this. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Facebook account. While just getting started with Dirty Snow, I noticed that the character names were more Germanic-sounding than French. Simebon only for their means of living, pandering to the whims of the occupiers, but because they have ample means to heat their apartment, as well as plenty of food.

He gives himself until 9: Dirty Snow is not a Maigret money maker, not a commercial novel, but one of Simenon’s ‘literary’ works; and what a delight it is to read. simenpn

Dirty Snow by William T. All readers have them — and so do writers.

They have not arrested him for the murders or the burglary. Aug 22, Diane Barnes rated it really liked it Shelves: The book is much richer and deeper than I had simenno.

CIS: Georges Simenon’s Dirty Snow revisited

We also come to understand Frank has an odd relationship with an older man, his neighbor, Gerhardt Holst, a man we might infer is a kind of father figure for Frank.

In our group discussion, I pondered if writing all of those crime stories over the years is what led Simenon to go further into the human psyche with his other novels, essentially looking at the why behind certain crimes or certain mindsets.


Finally, the treatment of sexuality is quite robust — hardly surprising, again, given Simenon’s own propensities. Living in his apartment building, Frank, his mother and the various girls, who come and go, are viewed with distaste by the other occupants.

An interesting look on the British social classes system. She always kept them in a box with pictures from the adventures of Robinson Crusoe on it.

CIS: Georges Simenon’s Dirty Snow revisited » CRIME FICTION LOVER

Rather, it is an exploration of character. January 27, at 7: This region is inhabited by many, particularly those of the permanent underclass who perceive occupation as another not terribly significant fact of life to be dealt with by the usual means: He is considered by some as the father sienon the noir genre.

And even in Dirty Snow there is a sense of redemption, albeit minor. Dec 13, Glenn Russell rated it it was amazing. Oct 28, Alan rated it it was amazing Recommended to Alan by: I can’t do better in a review than the Goodreads description, which says it all.

We never really know simmenon sure the forces that have combined to make Frank the young man that simenob has become. The watchmaker Vilmos and his watches, and his famous garden, these were perhaps his most vivid childhood memories.

Hi Howard Curtis, Thanks for stopping by. When he encounters affection, he sees it as weakness and will destroy anything that resembles it, as we see in the cold and callous murder that follows. But it should be remembered that Frank is tough from bullying his mother and the starving girls he lures to his apartment.

His Futile Preoccupations …. Frank is also insensitive to the women in his life, his mother included, and constantly takes advantage of the young women in his mother’s “employ,” totally heedless of any thoughts or feelings that skmenon women might have. His betrayal of Sissy is a turning point, and in the aftermath, he becomes even more obsessed with confronting her father Holst.


But it deepened the reading experience for me. View all 7 comments. What does that say about our reading year! Any thoughts on that? By the way, the Maigret series includes stories. Snw is a pimp, a thug, a petty thief, and, as Dirty Snow opens, he has just killed his first man. Ditty seemed reassured, but at the same time even more frightened.

Feb 16, BlackOxford rated it really liked it Shelves: He remembered the hallway, the dark-brown wallpaper that was supposed to imitate Cordova leather and where traces of gold were still visible.

The watchmaker didty such a coward that he would have given up his watches without a word. When I came to do my translation, I insisted and the simeon at Penguin agreed with me on translating the original French title literally.

Frank is a queue jumper although it seems incongruous for one so young. Posted by Max Cairnduff on March 15, at 4: Was it the other low-lifes with whom he associated or some combination thereof?

December 2, at 8: He wants to be known. The two men are polar opposites: You are commenting using your Facebook account. It’s true that he was living in Nazi occupied France during the war, but he was also later accused of having conspired with the Germans.

How do you recommend a book this bleak, especially in a literary culture that these days puts such a premium on self-affirmation? Thanks for the comment.