Der reichste Mann von Babylon: Erfolgsgeheimnisse der Antike – Der erste Schritt in die finanzielle. Der reichste Mann von Babylon: Erfolgsgeheimnisse der. Directed by Alexander Baldreich, Billi On. With Onur Mete. The Richest Man in Babylon is a book by George Samuel Clason that dispenses financial advice through a collection of parables set in ancient Babylon.

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Sharru confided that Arad Gula, at that time, was also bqbylon slave who vn about to buy his freedom. All of its riches were man-made. Sharru soon acquired a set of loyal customers, including a man named Arad Gula, who praised Sharru’s industrious spirit and ability to market baked goods. Dabasir states that he is determined to repay them all and that he will deal impartially with them all. Arkad instructs the men to begin by continuing to work hard at their current occupations, but for every ten coins placed in their purse to take out for use but nine.

Steffen Feichste rated it really liked it Jan 28, For four weeks, a battle rages in front of the walls but ultimately the height and breadth of the impenetrable walls repulse the invaders.

Der Reichste Mann Von Babylon

Books by George Samuel Clason. Felix D rated it really liked it Dec 11, Mathon relates the story of a farmer who could understand what animals could say. Arkad relates that he did as advised, saving a tenth of his income for a year, then investing that money with a brickmaker who went on a journey to buy jewels to trade.

Dabasir relates what has happened in the last three months, that he did indeed save one-tenth of his income for his retirement and to invest and that he saved two-tenths of his income to repay his creditors. Karen rated it it was amazing Oct 06, Without wisdom, gold is quickly lost by those who have it, but with wisdom, gold can be secured by those who have it not, as these three bags of gold do prove.


There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Wowa Baer rated it it was amazing Jul 24, In Third Personthis story tells of Rodan, a spearmaker, who received fifty pieces of gold from the king as a gift for making such excellent spears.

Malik Von Welt: Der Reichste Mann Von Babylon () – IMDb

Shrewsbury, the archaeologist who is supposedly translating these tablets, then relates that he attempted to do what Dabasir did. I wish he would, for you are a lazy fellow.

A new character named Tarkad is introduced as a man who has had nothing to eat for two days except for two figs that he stole before being chased away. Frosti marked it as to-read Nov 15, Yet, all purses are equally lean. Dabasir protests and begins to live apart from the other slaves, to demonstrate that he wants to right what he did wrong, that he has the soul of a free man.

The King asks why so few men would be able to acquire all of the gold and the Chancellor says because they know how to, that one may not condemn a man for succeeding because he knows how, neither may one with justice take away from a man what he has fairly earned, to give to men of less ability.

Originally a series of separate informational pamphlets distributed by banks and insurance companiesthe pamphlets were bound together and published in book form in He states that he and his wife are happy and that this plan has made an honorable man of an ex-slave. As a young married man, Dabasir had worked for his father, making saddles, but had lived an extravagant lifestyle, beyond his means. That night, Sharru crept to the edge of the slave pens and asked Godoso, one of the guards for advice.


He related this to Algamish, who castigated Arkad for this foolishness. In this day, behind the impregnable walls of insurance, savings accounts and dependable investments, we can guard ourselves against the unexpected tragedies that may enter any door and seat themselves before any fireside.

He then gives a list of who he owes money to and how much money he owes them. Megiddo was about to buy his freedom and bring his family to live with him as he continued working for the farmer as a free man.

He foolishly lost the money that his father had given to him, but remembered the five laws of gold that his father had related to him. Kalabab then relates that, using these laws of gold, Nomasir became rich. Just before the auction, Megiddo counseled Sharru to “treat [work] like a friend, to make thyself like it. Rodan seeks out Mathon, a money lender, to ask for monetary advice—what he should do with the money.

Ver replied that he liked to work and he liked to do good work, that work had brought him all the good things in his life that he’d ever had. In case of default, those so bonded were sold into slavery. These goals should not only be to advance in one’s career or one’s position, but also to become wiser and more knowledgeable.