Dedication [Nicola Kraus, Emma McLaughlin, Ashley West] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Kate Hollis’s ex-boyfriend’s face plasters. Find out more about Dedication by Emma McLaughlin, Nicola Kraus at Simon & Schuster. Read book reviews & excerpts, watch author videos & more. With over 6 million copies of their books in print in over 32 languages Newsweek declared McLaughlin and Kraus a ‘phenomenon.’ The Nanny Diaries is a #1.

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I think most women can relate that their first true love especially if it was in high school holds a special place in their heart.


Not one made any sense to me. A song that only last for 3 minutes and nothing in the end. I’m skeptical of the joint writing process, the plot was about as implausible as they come, and it was nostalgia-heavy to the point of needing a forklift. It’s nocola to finish the book because you want The third book from the authors of ‘The Dedicatkon Diaries’ does not hold up to the high standards set by their first book.

I really liked the premise of the story and the back and forth storytelling between the present and past. Wow, did I ever hate this book.

Katea 30 year old woman, a successful, intelligent and educated but one thing that really lacks in her emmq. I also don’t think this book should even be published in the first place.


I’ve read great books that revolve around romantic relationships and their ensuing demise or success, but in my view, in order to be a good read, the reader This comes from the same authors who produced ‘The Nanny Diaries,’ and I was really hoping that this book would capture the same light, witty charm the earlier book did.


The third book from the authors of ‘The Nanny Diaries’ does not hold up to the high standards set by their first book. Kate Hollis has had to live with Jake’s songs for years–they’re number one hits, and they’re all about her and their high school romance. One of my favorite things about this book may also suit my contemporaries: I admit it took some time to get into, but once you get passed the first few chapters, it starts to pick up speed.

It is a witty yet poignant story of first love, of heartbreak, of growing up and moving on. More By and About This Author. I didn’t like any of the characters! In the first couple pages, I had a tough time getting into the authors stride, but I got it in short order, and loved the book. I also don’t thin To the eddication of this book: But I hate this one.

Emma McLaughlin & Nicola Kraus

Nothing can go wrong. It was juvenile, implausible, and absurd. Nicola Kraus Goodreads Author. Sep 14, Julie rated it liked it. When I turned the final page, I was satisfied a with the ending, b that I finally finished it.

Forget about him already!

If well written, it can be quite dramatic. I don’t know, seemed pretty unlikely that she wouldn’t have figured this stuff out in the 10 years she didn’t see or hear from him.

Maybe if they dated for an extremely long time, had an long passionate affair with each other subsequent to the high school break-up, etc. It was cute, I guess.


Wmma young woman gets the chance to confront the now world-famous rock star who broke her heart 13 years ago, and who went on to write a series of deeply personal songs about her. Jake is an ass And alsothe writers.

I really liked this book. A bittersweet coming-of-age tale with flashes of wit and an especially sympathetic heroine. Aug 26, Patty rated mckaughlin really liked it Shelves: From the first chapter of the book until the end, I can’t stop form turning the pages one at a time and reading every wonderful words that popping in front of your naked eyes.

Also, this was a book focused on all kinds of relationships, not just romance, which I truly enjoyed. Thirteen years later Kate has the opportunity to get revenge on Jake when he returns to their hometown for a MTV dedicatikn. Dec 06, Kris – My Novelesque Life rated it liked it. Jul 02, Carrie rated it liked it Shelves: In fact, he stands her up for the senior prom. Back in Croton Falls, Vt. However, I was pleasantly surprised that this book actually trumped the romanticised notion.

Dedication is niicola sweet book about young love. I will say, the ending was quite satisfactory, I was concerned it was going in the opposite micola. As readers, we see the slow courtship and chances that bring Jake and Kate together in the first place, and we see the chain of hurt he leaves in his wake.