EJÉRCITO ZAPATISTA DE LIBERACIÓN NACIONAL. MÉXICO. SEXTA DECLARACIÓN DE LA SELVA LACANDONA. Ésta es nuestra palabra. Audio de la Primera Declaracion de la Selva Lacandona del EZLN, transmitida por radio el primero de enero de Issued on January 1st, , the Fourth Declaration of the Lacandona Jungle declared “the flower of the word will not die.” The government launched a.

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Cuando los muertos callan en voz alta 28 de diciembre de La guerra estilo gandy y laxandona luther king que ustedes quieren pelear haora, no va a funcionar, contra el govierno mexicano que es corrupto, y el mismo diablo en vida, no se puede razonar. Sin embargo creo que violencia genera violencia y estoy en total desacuerdo con la guerra que trae consigo saldos de sangre. And we have seen the great injustices and massacres that neoliberal globalization causes throughout the world. O sea igual que antes, pero ahora globalizado, selca.

Y ahora estamos pasando el trabajo de vigilancia del buen gobierno a las bases de apoyo zapatistas, con cargos temporales que se rotan, de ve que todos y todas aprendan y realicen esa labor. All the political parties that exist right now, not just some of them. Yo soy una de las personas que tiene corazon para todo a quel que lo necesite. We are inviting all indigenous, workers, campesinos, teachers, students, housewives, neighbors, small businesspersons, small shop owners, micro-businesspersons, pensioners, handicapped persons, religious men and women, scientists, artists, intellectuals, young persons, women, old persons, homosexuals and lesbians, boys and girls — to participate, declaracioj individually or collectively, directly with the zapatistas in this NATIONAL CAMPAIGN for building another way of doing politics, for a program of national struggle of the left, and for a new Constitution.

We declaracikn like that for about 10 years, and then we had grown, and then we were many thousands.

Radio Zapatista

Vimos que no les importaron la sangre, la muerte, el sufrimiento, las movilizaciones, las consultas, los esfuerzos, los pronunciamientos nacionales e internacionales, los encuentros, los acuerdos, las firmas, los compromisos. And, indeed, all declaraxion us have seen the deceits by the Mexican political class and the destruction which their actions have caused in our patria.

Brindo apoyo incondicional al movimiento. The same is true for housing and food, and in some areas there has been much improvement with the problem of land, because the lands recovered from the finqueros are being distributed.


And look how all the politicians always have their nice houses and their nice cars and luxuries. Rozenberg Quarterly does not receive subsidies or grants of any kind, which is why your financial support in maintaining, expanding and keeping the site running is always welcome.

Sexta Declaración de la Selva Lacandona

You will see whether you want to join. La solucion esta en nuestras manos, nuestras acciones cimentan el cambio Va! Una vez mas tengo els deseo de ayudar, apoyar por a ser un cambio en este mundo.

Zapatistas arguments have a strong emotional impact. Schools for Chiapas photos Cambiar por que esto no puede seguir asi, los ricos cada vez mas ricos y dec,aracion pobres cada vez mas pobres, los dirigentes nos gobiernan desde sus tronos de oro y deciden sobre nuestras vidas como el que juega una partida de cartas.

Bueno, pues nosotros los zapatistas del EZLN nos dedicamos ese tiempo a nuestra fuerza principal, o sea a los pueblos que nos apoyan. In the world, we are lacanvona to join together more with the resistance struggles against neoliberalism and for humanity. Claro que es posible convivir respetuosamente, al parejo disfrutando de los beneficios que la madre tierra nos proporciona; al igual considero que para vivir y desarrollarnos es necesario alimentarnos, necesidad hoy condicionada, es necesario unificarnos para liberar y redistribuir los recursos naturales, para lo cual, no necesitamos administradores trajeados, ambiciosos empresarios, necesitamos organizacion.

Capitalism is a social system, a way in which a society goes about organizing things lacancona people, and who has and who has not, and who gives orders and who obeys. Revolucion social, eso es lo que le hace falta al mundo, menos dinero en bombas y misiones al espacio y mas pan para los pobres.

The EZLN reaffirms its commitment to defend, support and obey the zapatista indigenous communities of which it is composed, and which are its supreme command, and — without interfering in their internal democratic processes — will, to the best of its abilities, contribute to the strengthening of their autonomy, good government and improvement in their living conditions.

You are truly standing up for Madre Tierra, her survival and the people of the world who want to defend her and each other. Then neoliberal globalization, capitalism, destroys what exists in these countries, it destroys their culture, their language, their economic system, their political system, and it also destroys the ways in which those who live in that country relate to each other.


Tengo muchas esperanzas en ustedes, creo que America Latina es el futuro de la humanidad. Then the global capitalists insert themselves everywhere, in all the countries, in order to do their big business, their great exploitation. Comentario de Alma Meza — julio 11, 9: Otro mundo es posible!

You laczndona already seen that they changed the laws in order to remove Article 27 from the Constitution so that ejidal and communal lands could be sold. The war and its legitimacy, in the case of the Zapatista declaration, is constructed via the notion of dictatorship, composed of lzcandona opposite concepts: Pero no asesinaron su historia de lucha.

And to the piqueteros and to the young people of Argentina, we want to tell you that, that we love you. Comentario de Pancho Ramos — abril 29, 6: That was Salinas de Gortari, and he and his gangs said that it was for the good of the countryside and the campesino, and that was how they would prosper and live better.

Con el amor mas sincero, Juan Galo Santamarina. Has it been d that?

La palabra del EZLN | Radio Zapatista

What we see is our country being governed by neoliberals. Suspender el saqueo de nuestra riquezas naturales en los lugares controlados por el EZLN.

Comentario de Seelva Pablo — agosto seelva, 1: Comentario de rodrigo — octubre 2, It is easy to say, of course, but it was very difficult in practice, because many years have passed — first in the preparation for the war and then the war itself — and the political-military aspects have become customary.

See More See Less. Subcomandante Insurgente Galeano 2 de abril de Sometimes that declaracon is by armies who invade a country and conquer it by force. Here in Italy there are many signs of awakening, but not as strong as in other countries maybe a little quantity of pozol could help us… but anyway i feel this country and Europe is still alive.

Comentario de Karla Elia Mosqueira Valencia — julio 9, 7: Pero al mismo tiempo no pudo ignorar la realidad de que ustedes tuvieron la oportunidad de terminar lo que emiliano y pancho no pudieron.