The Heron HD linear imager brings unmatched elegance along with latest advanced technology to the modern point-of-sale. The stylish silhouette of the. Buy Used and Save: Buy a Used “Datalogic Heron HD Handheld Barcode Scanner HD ” and save 28% off the $ list price. Buy with confidence as. any means without prior written permission of Datalogic ADC, Inc. or its subsidiaries or The Heron™ HD Linear Imager has several new features. See “.

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Multiple changing color LEDs on sides and top. Download Datalogic Professional Services Offering.

Datalogic | Heron HD Handheld Barcode Scanner

Power Supply, 5VDC, includes 2 pin power cord adapter, no power cord. Outstanding reading performance on 1D, 2D, postal codes, stacked, composite codes and Image capture.

On windows 10, 8. Datalogic’s next generation of barcode herom combines performance with elegance in the Heron imager. It has kind of no styling in regards to an industrial warehouse look, it’s all for retail. The Heron HD imager differs from the usual color scheme of handheld devices by providing a stunning ‘black’ or ‘white’ color option.

Symbol LS Barcode Scanner. So whether you’re indoors or outdoors, you’re going to scan just fine with either one of the versions, but the 2D in particular works excellent under all lighting conditions. Our mission is to provide our Customers with excellent serviceat every interaction, tailored to their profiles and their industry. Datalogic Heron Gun-shaped, multiple interface. Download Datalogic Professional Services Offering. Boasting reads per second and a 5 year factory warranty, Datalogic did not compromise quality for appearances.

The 1D version is just a standard 1D laser, 1D line on it, it’s not a laser. You will need to update the scanner using the Aladin configuration tool and a new firmware file to get it to hold solid colors. The firmware on the scanner may be out of date. Datalogic is more than Check Out.


If you continue browsing on the website you consent to the use of cookies. The next customizable feature to take a look at is the audio on it. To purchase them, or for more information, please visit us at POSGuys.

Additionally, the Heron eatalogic features in-mold decorated top covers with a choice of ‘Carbon Fiber’ or ‘Silver’ design.


If you look at the reticle system on it, it’s a white light with red crosshairs. The Heron gives you the ability to transform your point of sale from ordinary to extraordinary leaving a memorable lasting impression with your customers. The new Heron HD, that’s the 1D version, or the HD, that’s the 2D version, are both highly recommended scanners, especially for retail.

The 2D scanner scans even better. Heron HD Models and Kits. All information needed to process an RMA request Return Material Authorization including collection service from customers. This product replaces the older DataLogic Heron. Heron HD Corded imagers offering an innovative and unique design with illuminating colors and custom sounds. Our standard service portfolio includes: Innovative and unique design raises the bar for cutting-edge POS checkout experience.

Complete ID Card Systems. Datalogic Aladdin provides customers the opportunity to manage the configuration of handheld products, and allows flexible advanced formatting through an intuitive user interface. This is one of the most customizable scanners, you can customize the sound, the LED lights on it, and the overall look is just very retail-centric. But as far as 1D performance goes, this is an oversized barcode, you can get from very close, back up. You can get several feet away.

The Heron HD imager provides outstanding 1D reading performance.

All information needed to process an RMA request Return Material Authorization including collection service from customers. Model and accessories listings for any specific Datalogic products, a cable Matrix is also available to find a cross reference for cables and the products they support and more Gryphon I GD 2D.

  ASTM D3882 PDF

When I scan it it gives 3 beeps but then still doesn’t hold its color?

Our standard service portfolio includes: Product Specifications Dimensions User comfort is maximized with the Heron HD white illumination and the highly visible 4-Dot aimer defines a precise reading zone. ID Card Printer Ribbons. Heron D multiple interface scanner has been developed by Datalogic in order to satisfy all requirements at the POS, providing high performance and an innovative design suitable for small retail POS applications.

You can also configure most of the settings on the scanner with just using barcodes, the colors, we have a sheet heon specifically for the colors in general. Any existing software application supporting serial dataloguc can utilize USB scanner connectivity simply by redirecting the data input to the defined virtual COM port. RMA and Tech support.

The tool also makes it easy for customers to upgrade the handhelds firmware, to attain the benefits of new reader features.

Additionally, you can scan off phones, and you can scan 2D barcodes, so like shipping codes, drivers license for getting registry, order tracking, and the whatnot. Its easy, you just scan in the barcode, and now it’s going to reset itself, and then it will be in just a single color. So the 1D barcode, when you have to line up the barcodes across, the 2D barcode you scan at any angle. Datalogic Heron Includes handsfree stand, and product reference guide.

Click here to compare Heron datalogc by feature.