By Wolfgang Borchert · View Translated Work ↑. Das hohle Fenster in der Da lag ein halbes Brot. Und eine Blechschachtel. Du rauchst? fragte der Mann. Europe Germany Hamburg. Wolfgang Borchert () is a German short-story writer and playwright. He is considered to be the. Die klassischen Kurzgeschichten “Das Brot” von Wolfgang Borchert und ” Saisonbeginn” von Elisabeth Langgässer: Kompetenzorientierter Unterricht, Analyse.

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Er lief mit seinen krummen Beinen auf die Sonne zu.

moderne Kurzgeschichte by Bastian Beck on Prezi

And on the tablecloth there were bread crumbs. History repeats itself Das ist ja ganz leicht. Wenn ich eins kriegen kann?

And bear wllfgang mind our kitchen was tiled. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Half past two, of all times. It was too quiet and as she ran her hand over the bed beside her, she found it empty.

Rats Sleep at Night

The next evening she prepares dinner and gives him an extra slice of her ration of bread under the pretext that in the evening she can’t take the bread all that well. April 21, Reply. Some are still very young. Und er sah durch die Beine des Mannes hindurch. Of all times, just think, at half past two!


He has to be there somewhere. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. That’s how they survive. When the bomb goes down, the clocks stop. Nein, ich schlafe nich.

As old as he was. I cannot allow myself to look at the plate. She saw that he had cut himself some bread.

Different motifs are being used in the story. Then she stood in her wool jacket and with a red shawl. What do you think? Analgse kann doch nicht. Ja, die essen doch von Toten. And she would make her eyes very small, because the light was so bright. During the day he sometimes looked younger. Rats always sleep at night. The bread which could be seen as a symbol for the self-preservative drive of the husband, is also a trigger for the conflict.

But now there were crumbs on the cloth. He really is much smaller than me. His fingertips were dirty. Maybe I could bring a wolfgng with me.

He ran anslyse his crooked legs into the sun. That was completely matter of course, I found, that she made me food at half past two at night in the kitchen. In the writing, there is always a beautifully crafted dynamic between the portrayal of the common fate and the individual bearing of it, which I find abalyse challenging to convey as a translator.


Da leben sie doch von. You are commenting using your WordPress.

This site uses cookies. After that, they go back to bed and share a broy of commonality and safety, even though the incident needs to be “covered”. Vor allem die Jungen.

The Bread – Wikipedia

Rats sleep at night! But she noticed how false his voice sounded when he lied. As well as the plate, “to eat from the same plate” is a common metaphor for living together. She saw how he bent deeply over the plate.

White ones, grey ones, white and grey ones. Sophia Dahlin translates from the Spanish. Auf die doch nicht! She turned on the light. Kaninchenfutter was da drin. Mit einmal wurde es noch dunkler.