Fallen (December 9, ); Torment (September 28, ); Passion (June 14, ); Fallen In Love (January 24, ); Rapture. Find great deals on eBay for Fallen Lauren Kate in Books for Children and Young Adults. Shop with confidence. A young girl finds herself in a reform school after therapy since she was blamed for the death of a young boy. At the school she finds herself drawn to a fellow.

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I’m reading it again it is sooo good!! Penn befriends Luce, and helps clean the meatloaf out of Luce’s hair. Fallen is one of those books that should not be judged by its cover.

I think that it’s nothing like Twilight. But of course, Lauren Kate decided to make him the bad guy in the end. The instant connection thing was too much. Later, Luce overhears Daniel and Gabbe suggestively whispering to each other outside, leading Luce to believe that they are in a relationship and making her jealous. Although I might give up if I read daknare books and this kind of predicament happens. Christy from Indiana I just read it again and it as awesome.

More about Lauren Kate Both look at each other before Daniel quickly leaves.


Fallen Series by Lauren Kate

There are so many ridiculous things about this book. I cannot wait to read them. Sorry, but Harry Potter has stolen my heart away. Don’t expect to learn what’s behind this relationship that is the whole point of the book all Kate gave us was a bunch of empty sexual tension that was as clipped and unsatisfying as the rest of the book.

With his group of angels he waged a war against Heaven and while he lost and was banished become the first of the “fallen” angels. Luce must choose where her feelings lie, pitting Heaven against Hell in an epic damnaer over true love.

This is probly the best book ever I can compare this book to my life!!!

Fallen Lauren Kate: Books | eBay

You have to read the summary! I’d still relish this moment Because there is nothing else I can bring myself to do for this book. You know who was sweet and available and equally hot? I loved this book, I read it in 3 days, I couldn’t stop. Why would you want a boyfriend who is happy to murder you? If the entire universe’s fate were going to depend on one couple and one couple’s love, why would it be these two?

Even though everyone has their own opinion, which doesn’t matter to me. Yes No Report this. You’re saying twilight and vampire dairies should die because this seem to NOT compare it is retarded, fallen does copy twilight and vampire diaries even a bit from the fallen.


Left me yearning for an angel of my own. This series got me hooked on the first chapter!

What damnars it, thirty odd seasons now? Like any Young Adult fantasy book there is always a boy. I felt like there was so much going on in the plot that nothing was elaborated that much at all. Hopefully Torment is better.

Fallen Lauren Kate

And do you think it’s okay for him to just be able to kiss you to make you forget? While working on Arriane’s hair, Vamnare notices a scar on her friend’s neck, and a shock band on her wrist. And when they kicked me out, I had to petition-petition! View all 33 comments.

Arriane takes Luce to the outside grounds of the school, and demands that Luce cut her hair in the same style as her own.

One night the shadows attack her when she is kissing this luaren named Trevor, burning him alive. You can call it what you want, but this is the truth.