Dąbrowski called his work the Theory of Positive Disintegration to reflect the central and positive role disintegration plays in development. He believed that some. Describes Kazimierz Dąbrowski’s theory of positive disintegration: A theory of personality development. The basic concepts of Dąbrowski’s Theory of Positive Disintegration. In W. Tillier ( Ed.), Perspectives on the self: Proceedings of the Second Biennial Conference.

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This period is the critical juncture in development as from here one must either progress or regress. He felt that free will did not dabrowsik far enough in capturing the motivating aspects that he attributed to third factor.

Positive disintegration

In other words, to be maladjusted to a low-level society is disingegration positive feature. Sources of human psychological differences: The actions of others and the ethics of the prevailing social order become seen as inadequate, wrong or hypocritical. He also encouraged autobiography as an important step in the process of autopsychotherapy.

Journal of Jungian Theory and Practice. We are positie to develop self-awareness into how we feel about these low levels—if we feel badly about behaving in these lower ways, then we are able to cognitively and volitionally decide to inhibit and eliminate these behaviors.

It is through our own suffering that we develop empathy for others and understand our own interdependence on others and our mortality. One’s talents and creativity are applied in the service of these higher individual values and visions of how life could be—how the world ought to be. Secondary integration is evident in M ‘s new appreciation of herself and others but is still combined with a feeling of disappointment and a certain degree of compromise. Developmental potential represents a constellation of genetic features, expressed and mediated through environmental interaction, that consist of three major aspects: Many of these students continue to study and speak on the theory, most advancing a deeply personal understanding of what the theory means to them.


Conflicts on the same level horizontal produce ambitendencies and ambivalences: The involuntary spontaneous development of level III is replaced by a poditive, conscious and self directed review of life from the multilevel perspective.

Dąbrowski’s Theory of Positive Disintegration and its Relevance For the Gifted.

Without intense and painful introspection and reflection, development is unlikely. Behavior becomes less reactive, less automatic and more deliberate as behavioral choices fall under the influence of the person’s higher, chosen ideals.

Many of the “status quo” explanations for the “way things are,’ learned through education and disintevration the social order, collapse under conscious, individual scrutiny.

You can see the previous posted messages at: These two main qualitatively different stages and types of life are the heteronomous, which is biologically and dabrwoski determined unileveland the autonomous, which is determined by the multilevel forces of higher development. The theory suggests individual developmental potentials are important factors in determining the course of personality growth.

After good progress in one school she was moved to another, more extroverted system, where the teachers were prone to superficial appreciation of their students, basing their opinions on the pupil’s boldness and originality.

There are no techniques to eliminate symptoms because the symptoms constitute the disontegration psychic richness from which grow an increasing awareness of body, mind, humanity and cosmos.

These positions often conflict with the status quo of a lower society “positive maladjustment’. Alternatively, social justifications are often used: As events in life are seen in relation to this multilevel, vertical view, it becomes impossible to support positions that favor the lower course when higher goals can be identified or imagined. Rather than being eliminated, symptoms are reframed to yield insight and understanding into life and the person’s unique situation.


He pursued a lifelong obsession with self-mutilation resulting in his semi-autobiographical work, “Psychological Basis of Self Mutilation. At the highest levels, “individuals of this kind feel responsible for the realization of justice and for the protection of others against harm and injustice. This web page posutive created in to help provide this information and to fulfill my commitment to Dr.

The second factor externalizes values and morals, thereby externalizing conscience. Recent applications to the gifted are represented by the following research: The hierarchy of values comes to act as a benchmark by which all things are darowski and the higher values in the hierarchy direct behavior.

These vertical conflicts are critical in leading to autonomy and advanced personality growth. Mental growth through positive disintegration. This stress both drives development and is a result of developmental conflicts, both intrapsychic and social. In short, the individual is more sensitive to experiences in life.

Personality development through positive disintegration: Although based in the nervous system, overexcitabilities are expressed psychologically through the development of structures that reflect the emerging self. This hierarchy of values comes to act as a benchmark by which all things are seen.