This is a Digivice Guide for the Digivice D3 15th Anniversary (Japan Version), The D3 has been rebuilt. Over different Digimon are included. The D-3 is the an electronic pet based off of the D-3 digivice from In each version of the Digimon D-3s you have access to only two Digimon. user manual for minolta maxxum si c c3 guide ridgid generator operator’s piccolo buying guide durant counter manual d-3 digivice instructions breva

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Brings up menu for the Digimon you selected: Each turn is split into four smaller turns, where each of the two Digimon fires a shot or not. The upward-pointing button is “OK” and the downward one is “Cancel”. Link with the Digimon Terminal. The Digivice is shown exactly as in the photos, that’s exactly what you are purchasing.

D-3 Walkthrough & FAQ

Scan version 2 only: Shows map with three areas on it and your location. Detect – The D-3’s antenna can detect other D-3s. These “digital monsters” were virtual pets released x-3 Bandai in Ken’s black D-3 digivice.

The same antenna is used for the Digimon Help wave. No matter which Digivice was your favorite, the vast inventory on eBay means that you can find just the right ones to rebuild your Digi empire. Season ditivice D-Power Digivice for sale with characters: Shipped within business days upon receiving payment.


Use the arrows to scroll through the different available blocks until you find one that will complete the oncoming block into a rectangular shape.

When the Connect screen appears, press the OK button to connect to another Digivice using the special battle rules. Instruchions, why not add these neat collectibles to your Digimon collection?. Once this option is selected your Digimon will attack. Press the A Button to scroll through, or the Left or Right to view the stats of other evolved Digimon.

Skip to main content. International Warranty does not apply to this product. Discover – With this Antenna you discover Digimental by trying to detect one near an electronic signal Instructtions and Radio’s work well.

After 3 attacks, or when someone’s Hit Points go down to zero – the battle is over you lost if a skull appears. Does not come with batteries sorry.

When you encounter a Digimon to fight you will have the following options: Displays your Win Ratio. D-3 Version 1 Limited Edition. The arrows allow you to scroll through the options. The D3 devices, on the other hand, let the DigiDestined battle diigvice the evil forces of the Digi universe. You can Digivolve at the start of a turn to gain more Attack and HP.

The version 2 has two games. The button that goes up Button B is to accept a selection or if you are not in a battle and the screen with your digimon is out, press Button B to see the Distance, Steps, D-Power, and the V. Here you can view the Digi-Eggs you have collected. You have to push the OK button repeatedly or shake, according to the on-screen instructions.


Armor Digivolving uses no D-Power, but there is a chance of losing your Egg at the end of the battle. Digimon – You battle your Digimon throughout the Areas beating the enemy Digimon.

Hope you like it Oh! Digiivice through the areas requires you to take “steps” which are counted from a pendulum inside the toy. You can use any Digimental on any Digimon without restrictions. In general, lnstructions Digimon has a specific shot size equal to its Attack digivicr, though occasionally it varies up or down. Beat the bosses to progress in the game.

D-3 Toy – Wikimon – The #1 Digimon wiki

Your digimon can Armor Evolve by finding Digimentals as you travel. Each Digimon can only use two Eggs. In each version of the Digimon D-3’s you have access to only two Digimon.

If you complete a block, it disappears and adds to your score. Progressing through the Area’s requires you to take ‘Steps’ which in turn is a mini pendulum clicking on the inside of the toy.

Detect – The D-3 has an antenna, which is used to seek out other D-3s. Map 8a [MA8A] 7.

D-3 The D-3 is another Pedometer Digivice. This page was last updated: Your position appears as a flashing black dot somewhere on the map.