First of all your number of papers does not matter after you have cleared couple of them. Since you are from statistics background I would suggest you to either. Can anybody in the forum please give me some notes on CT3. Facing real difficulties in topics like Poisson distribution, binomial distribution. Historical pass rates for IFoA actuarial Exam CT3: Probability and Mathematical Statistics.

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Questions will be answered on our Forum section. What problem are you trying to solve and where are you getting stuck?

A few minutes familiarising yourself with this will not be time wasted. High91Jul 22, CalumJul acutarial, The further suggested reading: Freund’s Mathematical statistics with applications.

When is the exam conducted? Books to be referred for this exam? Your name or email address: Mail will not be published required. Won’t be free but a cheaper option is second hand bookshops or discount book stores. Can anybody in the forum please give me some notes on CT3. Which are the entrance exams in Statistics and Mathematics? Thank You so much for constant help, Tiger I checked out that site, but could not find any thing on our course. Any other thing I can get free of cost.?? I actusrial Strizacker’s Elementary Probability a really sound introduction; I had a copy out of my uni library for two years straight.


Entrance Exams – Education and Career in India. Question paper contains both subjective as well as objective type questions, and as name of the paper suggests numerical questions would certainly find its place here. John LeeActuarail 24, High91Jul 29, No, create an account now.

Institute of Actuaries Of India-Subject CT3- Probability and Mathematical Statistics Papers

Yes, my password is: I don’t feel I had a secure grip on CT3 level material until long actuarizl the course itself. Few Pointers Actuarkal to be neat and clean with your handwriting as first impression is the last impression. Discussion in ‘ CT3 ‘ started by High91Jul 21, CalumJul 30, Is it an online exam?

It would be very helpful. How to register for Actuarial Entrance exam? Facing real difficulties in topics like Poisson distribution, binomial distribution, etc.

Syllabus for the same and the job opportunities?

Besides, you would have to attempt all questions as well as required to start each question on an entirely new sheet. To some extent, I think a lot of this material takes time to sink in.

Log in or Sign up. That said, one tip is that the relationship actuariao the Gamma and chi-sq distribution is one that examiners are really, really keen on. Do you already have an account?

IFoA Exam CT3 – Pass Rates | Actuarial Lookup UK

Probability and Mathematical Statistics paper of Institute of Actuaries of India generally cover topics like exploratory analysis of data, probability concept, random variable, continuous and discrete distributions, limit theorem, random sampling, concept of estimators, regression analysis and correlation analysis, analytical concept of variance, concept of compound distribution and conditional expectation etc.


Hey guys, I am really not able to understand Gamma Cct3. High91Jul 27, Share This Page Tweet. This is actarial that even Youtube could not provide for.

Here we would try to focus more on theoretical questions as if it is for numerical questions, we would have to write down cr3 of them. Try to be neat and clean with your handwriting as first impression is the last impression. We love helping [1] but “I don’t understand Gamma distribution” doesn’t really tell us where to start.

CT3 Notes | Actuarial Education

You might find it or similar at your local library? Out of the just mentioned topics, Poisson process is the one which you should think as the dark horse.

Best time to look tends to be after the academic year finishes when people who pass often throw out their actuaial to charity shops etc. Can anybody clear this messy thing.? Any courses available after 12th? I found the stats pack useful: