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This may be accomplished by covering these areas with plastic envelopes, plastic or glass containers, plastic wrap e. Coupling Method determines the procedure for joining two mating connectors. Transmission in two directions simultaneously, or, more technically, bidirectional simultaneous two-way communications. The fixture used is a bench-mountable 12 in.

Because of these properties, ckvenin is the jacketing material frequently used for mine trailing cables and dredge cables. The dielectric constant is 2. Common ones include Teflon, Tefzel, Kynar, and Halar. It is not suitable where subjected to nuclear radiation and does not have good high voltage characteristics. FEP — Fluorinated ethylene propylene. Sheathing of Hypalon provides high resistance to impact, crushing, and chipping. At these high covrnin, copper oxidizes rapidly if not nickel plated.

CPE — Dow Chemical trademark for chlorinated polyethylene. This smooth tube is then rolled or crimped to form ridges to prevent kinking while bending see illustration. The tight buffer construction permits smaller, lighter weight designs and generally yields a more flexible cable. The cable should be stapled or tied with rope to a staple in the upper portion of the inside covvenin the flange as shown in the diagram below.

J 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, covsnin 0.


ADDRESS — The location of a terminal, a peripheral device, a node, or any other covenn or component in a network, or process control system. They meet MIL-C requirements up to In addition, there are country identification threads which are colored Black, Red, and Yellow. The direct result of such a design is lower cost, as well as reduced cable diameter. As an added precaution, check the finish end of each cable after rewinding to insure that the cable and interlocked armor are still lined up with each other.


Small optical microscopes are used to 22226 inspect the workmanship of installed fiber optic connectors.


Restated another way the relation is: Heavier pulls usually require connecting directly to the conductor either by means of pulling eyes or by forming a loop with the conductor itself. To obtain values for other circuits, multiply by 1.

Minimum amount of zinc coating. Dielectric constant ranges from 2. PMC Corporation Figure 6. ARMOR — Mechanical protector for cables; usually a helical winding of metal tape, formed so that each convolution locks mechanically upon the previous one interlocked armor ; may be a formed metal tube or a helical wrap of wires. This cvenin of sheath provides an impervious seal against moisture and other chemicals as well as physical protection.

NEC, Article 8. The current-carrying capacity of a cable is affected primarily by the permissible operating temperature of its insulation. A reel not matched to covenun weight of the cable wound on it may be damaged during shipment.

Each layer after the first has six more wires than the preceding layer. Over 2, Volts 1 Nonjacketed with concentric wires. Larger sizes are more easily handled by applying a pulling grip over the cable or cables provided the pull is not too severe. The number of cycles in a given unit of time generally a second is called the frequency of the current.


It will burn slowly as long as an outside source of flame is applied but is self-extinguishing as soon as the flame is removed. L 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20 0. It includes mating and overall dimensions, materials, performance, and testing procedures for each type of connector covered. M 14, 16, 18, 20 0. Though there are a few variations in tip material, this connector is most often an epoxy oven or 24 hour cure type installation.

Secure the bag with tape or clamps. Both cables are a heavy duty construction, can withstand frequent flexing, and carry a voltage rating of up to 2 kV. Polyurethane PUR Polyurethane is used primarily as a cable jacket material. Feeding Cable onto Reel Care must be used when feeding cable onto the take-up reel. The armor may be applied directly over the insulation or over an inner jacket. Station wire and inside cables are usually used in plenum, riser, and general purpose versions. A method of adding information to an electronic signal where the height amplitude of the wave is changed to convey the added information.

For the cable to pass the test, the resulting char distance must not be greater than 1.

It has a tendency to swell in a hydrocarbon environment, causing the material to degrade. This is done so that the finished cable will be round.