QDF archive. We have since disposed of our old PC, and with it, our access to Quicken. Is there any way to convert from file into a. Hey Rein, the QDF is the complete datafile. It is not possible to convert into CSV/ QIF etc. There maybe third-party tools or services which may. QDF) file and select OK. Select Convert it!, then select OK. To save your new Quicken Data File .QDF) file, select Save, then select Exit.

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You will have to export qif from quicken. Newer versions use gif. In order to translate gdf to qif, you need to use an intermediate version of Quicken to import into. I used Conveet for so long that when I went to the version, it could no longer recognize qdf. The workaround was to download a version which CAN recognize qdf and translate it into a qif file.

I think I used Quicken 10, recommended to me by qd user. It was easy to find free downloads of older Quicken software then, not sure about now. One could ask around.


I did a quick search just now and found a conversion utility by Intuit that might also do the job.

How can I convert/import a qdf file to excel?

It’s free, so might be worth a try. Quicken Converter allows you to convert Quicken files from an older release of Quicken and below to the newer Quicken format which can then be read by QuickBooks or later. Gnu was suggested to me, but at the time Cohvert wasn’t ready to take it on.

I am pretty fed up with Quicken at this point, and ready to trash it. I just downloaded Gnucash.

software to convert QDF to QIF (windows)? – quicken dataconversion moneydance | Ask MetaFilter

Since you guys clearly have some experience with that, can you help me out? I thought that might be the case, but I need the explicit reassurance that if I jump in, something won’t go blooey on me having had that happen a few times in my life And thanks for the tip about doing just a month at a qd.

Sounds like a learning curve for both me and GnuCash.

Tuesday, November 27, 6: Fonvert Delyth Stratton Cc: The assistant will lead you through the process. The developers cannot guarantee anything. Many users have had good results, but many of us needed to run tests with about a month’s data at a time mostly because Quicken allowed sloppy records that do not import very well. If that is your situation you might be better served to manipulate transactions in Quicken before exporting to the QIF format.


Experiment freely before committing. David C On Tue, Nov 27, at 5: Thanks for the heads up, David. My too is to create and rename a copy of the qif file, and isolate the process from Quicken.

I tend to keep clean records, but if as you say, quicken allowed for variability, I could have some entries that might create problems. Plus the fact that I’m something of a hoarder and keep records that go back quite a way. This is going to be fun.

John Ralls; Gnucash Users Subject: Free forum by Nabble.