Classpad plus, User’s guide, Classpad os version • Read online or download PDF • Casio ClassPad PLUS User Manual. View and Download Casio ClassPad PLUS user manual online. ClassPad OS Version ClassPad PLUS Calculator pdf manual download. Manuals and User Guides for Casio ClassPad PLUS. We have 2 Casio ClassPad PLUS manuals available for free PDF download: User Manual.

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ClassPad Series Manual

Attaching and Removing the Front Cover You can create programs that automate graphing and other operations. Starting Up the Spreadsheet Application Use the following procedure to start up the Spreadsheet application.

Clasdpad you can tap the applicable icon on the toolbar.

Panning The Graph Window Returns the cumulative sums of the values contained in the range of specified Page 3 Perform either of the following two operations to draw the regular polygon. Button 2 Tap a and then [White Screen]. Using the Variable Manager k Inputting a Folder Name into an Application Perform the procedure below when you want to input the name of a folder displayed on the Variable 30 window into the application from which you started up the Variable Manager.

Classpad Manager Menu And Functions 2. You can use the following operations to select and deselect folders maual required.

Cut the character string selected in the message box and place it onto the clipboard Sorting List Data Initializes all setup data settings.

Any of the following conditions can indicate that your program has a bug and requires debugging. Using the e Key Use the e key to input exponential values. Carefully read the terms and conditions of the license agreement. To draw a circle with a center point of 2, 1 and a radius of 2 u ClassPad Operation Function has invalid variable name — Function Type The expression type that is selected cannot execute a function.


Variable Operations Variable Operations This section explains the various operations you can perform on the Variable Manager variables. If we evaluate the resulting polynomial at 2, the result will be the sum of the first two values in your list. This inserts the contents of the edit box in the eActivity window as a text string.

Tapping the button, for example, splits the display into two windows, with the List Editor window of the Statistics application in the lower window.

Viewing Single-variable Statistical Calculation Results Besides using a graph, you can also use the following procedure to view the single-variable statistics parameter values. Using the Action Menu 4 Tap the s button to the right of the edit box.

Using The Action Menu Using the Action Menu The [Action] menu helps to make transformation and expansion functions, calculus functions, statistical functions, and other frequently used mathematical menu operations easier to use.

The above procedure shows that the areas of the two triangles are the same. Chapter 6 Using The Sequence Application Drawing A 3d Graph Drawing a 3D Graph This section explains how to draw a 3D graph, as well as how to change the angle of a graph and how to rotate a graph.

The following is a general overview of the steps that are involved. List Editor Window Status Bar List Editor Window Status Bar The status bar at the bottom of the List Editor window shows the current angle unit setting pagestatistics View Window setting pageand decimal calculation setting page Drawing Clasepad Circle Chapter Using the Spreadsheet Application The Spreadsheet application provides you with powerful, take- along-anywhere spreadsheet capabilities on your ClassPad.

Turns display of Graph window pointer coordinates on or off. Sequence Manuual Menus And Buttons Returns the remainder when one expression is divided by another expression.


Casio ClassPad PLUS Manuals

This command obtains the confidence interval for the difference between population means when the population standard deviations of two populations are known. Pausing And Terminating An Operation Problem How many different permutations are possible when you have 10 different clazspad and arrange them four at a time?

DefaultSetup ViewWindow 0, 6, 1, —0. Returns the minimum point in a specific range of a function. Broken Line Graph broken Specifies View Window values. Page 29 General Guide The numbers next to each of the items below correspond to the numbers in the illustration on page Numeric Solver Application Window Enlarge the part of the screen bounded by a box Specify a zoom factor Zoom in by the zoom factor Zoom out by the zoom factor A 1-Sample Z Test is used for normal distribution.

Transforms multiple fractions into their common denominator equivalents and reduces them, if possible. Inputting an Expression in the Sequence Application Inputting an Expression in the Sequence Application In the Sequence application, you input expressions using manyal and buttons, without using the soft keyboard at the bottom of the window. List Editor Window Status Bar Using This Reference Using Main Application Modes The Main application has a number of different modes that control how calculation results are displayed, as well as other factors.

Variable Operations This section explains the various operations you can perform on the Variable Manager variables. Use pljs commands to build the necessary expressions and write them into the program.