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If you do so you may be breaking the law and if caught, you could find yourself being prosecuted. A famous example is the ipod, from Apple, which lets you store your digital music which you can then listen to at your leisure.

Over the years many companies have complained that Microsoft is reluctant to share this level of code detail with competitors, which they claim gives Cheltebham an unfair advantage and stifles competition. Preview Courses Our IT courseware may be purchased on a site license basis, with a one-off payment allowing you to print as many copies as you require.

Many new PCs have built-in slots for different types of memory cards. Click here to print this page. Things are changing rapidly however and recent systems allow you to talk to a PC and see text appear on the screen.

To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors. In fact, if you have very little free hard disk space you may find that Microsoft Windows will not be able to run your programs at all.

If you create a folder structure which contains only data then only this folder plus any sub-folders of this folder needs to be backed up. Hard disks are installed within the system unit of your computer. Much slower than a PC unless you pay a lot extra. For instance Microsoft Word is designed as a word processing program, while Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program. Registration Forgot your password? You can either print the manuals from disk yourself or use a local printing service to do this.


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Cheltenham Courseware still offers you the best deal! Personal data should not be kept for longer than is necessary for the purpose it was obtained. The term “podcast” is a combination of the words “iPod” and “broadcast”. In large organisations, laser printers are most commonly used because they print very fast and give a very high quality output.

The keyboard is built into laptop computers but is a separate item if used with a desktop computer. The worst thing about a computer virus is that it can spread from one computer to another, either via the use of infected disks, or over a computer network.

We think you have liked this presentation. You can use your web cam so that you can see the person you are talking to. This also allows you add your name and logos prior to printing.

Rather than dumping unwanted computer equipment, see if you can get them recycled, or even collected and used by charitable organisations. In many companies network software automatically backs up selected folders on each computer to the central server. Download ppt “Cheltenham Courseware”.


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Personal data must be adequate, relevant and not excessive in relation to the purpose it was obtained, processed or stored. In the same way doctors, government departments and credit agencies often hold vast amounts of information about the general public, which is both sensitive and private. Later adopted by the educational system, and now exploited by the commercial world. Once again thank you for such a great product and great service.

It is vital to keep your virus checking software up to date. This means that they work by processing ones and zeros.

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The WWW is basically the text and pictures which you can view using your web browser, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer. Many also allow you to send and receive pictures and video. Kilobits per second kbps. What if your laptop is stolen?. Physically securing your computer. The disk storage capacity is measured in Gigabytes GBytes. You can sell the manuals at cost to anyone who physically attends a training course run by you at your training center. Students have found them easy to follow, clear to read and very helpful.