Caza de conejos [LEVRERO MARIO] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Rare book. Caza de conejos: Mario Levrero: Books – Mario Levrero — ‘Decimos que vamos a cazar conejos, pero en el bosque no hay conejos. Vamos a cazar muchachas salvajes, de vello.

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Papel en blanco, Portal Literario. Papel en blanco, Portal Literario Published by: Enrique Fogwil Levrero is an dee who challenges the canonical idea of Latin American literature.

Quote by Mario Levrero: “Decimos que vamos a cazar conejos, pero en el b”

Other stories by the same author Los carros de fuego. Newspaper Articles Irrupciones I. To see the first pages of the book: The rabbit hunt Caza de conejos. If you really want to complete the puzzle of our tradition, you must read him.

Laura, levrsro hunts naked and traps rabbits between her legs. Leave it all up to me Dejen todo en mis manos. Jorge Mario Varlotta Levrero, born in Montevideo in and died there in Levrero hated interviews and prologues. Leave it all up to me Dejen todo en mis manos.


Evaristo, the plumber, who is disappointed when he catches empty rabbits with no clockwork inside. Collection of thematically related short stories Libros del Zorro Rojo, pages. A cult writer, later in life he was seen as a master and point of reference for many of the best writers in Latin America.

Levrero was a photographer, bookseller, comics script writer, humorist, crossword author, creator of brain games. The Place El lugar. The luminous novel La novela luminosa. Bears disguised as rabbits or babies in wicker baskets that work well as rabbit lures. Other books by the same author. Strange, unusual, striking… Caza de conejos is an unorthodox books that will delight the most demanding taste.

The luminous novel La novela luminosa. Nick Carter has a good time while the reader is murdered and I lie dying.

Mario Levrero Uruguay The Place El lugar. He was a lover of cinema. In his later years, he directed a literary workshop. The person who starts reading him will become irresistibley trapped by the magic of a literature full of mistery and humour.

Caza de conejos

A feverish rabbit hunt full of the most unlikely traps and bait. A well-organized expedition led by the idiot, who imagines erotic rabbits to masturbate as he drools. One can sit at a prudent distance and if one is patient and makes no noise, one will in time observe a white, nervous little head pop out to take a look. Mario Levrero is the great discovery of the century for Latin American literature.


Other novels by the same author Fauna. The City La ciudad. Nick Carter has a good time while the reader coonejos murdered and I lie dying.

He is the author of an extensive body of literary work which includes journalistic writing some of the best articles levgero to be found in Irrupciones I and Irrupciones IIshort stories, novels and essays.