Candles and accessories throughout this catalogue are sold separately unless otherwise stated. For optimal performance and safety, use PartyLite® holders exclusively with PartyLite candles .. and luckily I said YES!. ///////////// PartyLite candles and other fragrance products, she becomes a categories are highlighted in the catalogue so Customers can easily shop. Le porte bougie en pot Cleary Creative Pour en voir plus/to see more: www. lespassionsdenat · catalogue hiver printemps Partylite. See more.

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PartyLite Everyday Catalog – PDF

PartyLite builds the same quality into candles as diverse as a tiny tealight or an eight-pound Three-Wick, from an elegant dinner candle with no fragrance at all to a spicy wax-filled container that can perfume a whole room. When I got married the only brand of candles allowed at my reception were PartyLite candles. The sweet scent of Strawberry Rhubarb filled the room like heaven. I know I could count on them to fill the room with scent without overpowering the room or have to worry about them burning funny.

I knew they would last the entire time and look great at the same time. I had hundreds really! When I first gave the PR my list of choices I have to admit that this set was actually the least wanted out of my choices.

Partylite 2007 Holiday Catalogue 67

Now I am so glad that this is what was sent to me and why I am strongly for attending a party yourself! The catalog never does any of these products any justice! They are always so much better then you can expect! I love the variety of colors! The Margarita Candle Glasses are great! I love that they are plastic wrapped so that they keep their scent until you are ready for them.


The Purple my favorite is the scent of Strawberry Fields Margarita. Each glass has a the scent in gel form circling an empty hole in the center so you can drop in either a tealight or votive candle of your choice. As I said earlier all their candles burn evenly and leave out all that black smoke.

You can find their votives and tealights available in all of their fabulous scents! Just drop the tealight in the middle of the glass. And look at how pretty it looks! What better this awesome pitcher.

It is a solid glass with a little weight to it.

Candle Cult Home Parties | The Writing Spider

Hand wash only of course as with the glasses too. See the indentations at the bottom? It adds so much character to the pitcher.

Of course all of these are no good without the Margaritas! They have bread mixes, desserts, jams, spices, and so much more!

Catalohue look one up with their handy Find A Consultant button. If your not interested in hosting or attending a party you can also just order right from their website!

PartyLite has offered one J. Post YOUR blog entry first and then the comment please include the link directly to it not to your front page, and make an additional comment then the ones above. Add my button to your blog 6. Become a Fan of J. Leigh Designz on Facebook!

Leave a relevant comment on any non-giveaway post. Put the Outdoor Oasis button on your sidebar. You MUST state which comment you were. Contest ends May 31st at Jennifer, the mom behind the Mom Spotted blog, is located in Western Massachusetts. She is happily married. On Mom Spotted you’ll find a fun selection of recipes, family fun, product reviews, and more!


You can also find her on twitter MomSpotted and Facebook. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. By Jennifer 1 Comment.

Have you ever been invited to a PartyLite party? Have you ever hosted a show yourself? If you have you know exactly how great their products and candles are!

You also know of all the great guest and host specials they offer. Their candles are made with paraffin wax and what this means for you is that there is no black smoke or residue left behind like with other popular name brand candles do. Become a follower on my blog publicly — privately does not count -leave another comment or let me know if you already are 3.

Cataloghe about my giveaway- with a link back to here AND PartyLite 2 entries get one more if you include a photo of the giveaway. Make sure to check out all my other giveaways! Check the side bar to the right catalogur list! GiveawayProduct Review Tagged With: Outdoor Oasispartylite. Comments helena martens says: Follow my blog with Bloglovin. All links 2008 this site may be affiliate links and should be considered as such.

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