The GE CARESCAPE B, is a high-acuity monitor that is adaptable to meet the needs of the patient or care environment. It helps you to manage your patient. October 7, – GE Healthcare this week said the FDA cleared the CARESCAPE Monitor B, which the company said provides caregivers with a new level. GE Healthcare monitor B GE PROCARE Monitor B20 · PROCARE Datex- Ohmeda B Datex-Ohmeda PROCARE Monitor B40 · PROCARE.

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Highest level of monitoring excellence, consistent level of care, and comprehensive set of parameters in critical and perioperative care areas. Specific NICU software package includes Profiles and Pages, allowing you to reconfigure quickly for patient acuity, type of use or clinical status.

CARESCAPE Monitor B – Patient Monitors – Patient Monitoring – Products

Event annotation allows you to differentiate events. Alarm limits are specified for NICU use, and can be silenced easily and routed to a network alarm, for a more peaceful environment. Alarm management tools like Automatic View on Alarm and network alarm management carezcape to improve workflow when caring for babies.

High-resolution CRG trends with 2-second viewing allow beat-to-beat evaluation of bradycardia and apnea events. EK-Pro arrhythmia monitoring uses four simultaneous leads for analysis, including atrial fibrillation detection and trending, to help maximize correct event detection and minimize false alarms. Continuous ST-segment monitoring of up to 12 leads and ST trend views enable you to detect clinically significant changes rapidly and intervene immediately.


Through PiCCO technology, a less invasive hemodynamic monitoring capability that may help in managing fluid therapy, assessing volume status, assessing cardiac contractility and detecting pulmonary edema in pediatric and adult patients.

GE Healthcare Introduces CARESCAPE Monitor B | DAIC

OR-dedicated software options to meet your specific monitoring needs. Hardware scalability with parameter modules and a variety of frame, display, and mounting options. Access to ECG database from pre-op to recovery, to assist in the early detection and treatment of potentially lethal cardiac problems.

Full OR monitoring, including Spirometry and gas information together with hemodynamic parameters and advanced Adequacy of Anesthesia information Entropy and NMT measurements.

GE Healthcare Carescape Monitor B850, Usage: Hospitals

Airway modules designed to monitor respiratory and ventilator parameters in anesthesia and critical care applications. Depending on the module type, host device software version and the clinical application, the modules provide measurements of airway gases, anesthetic agents with identification and Patient Spirometry.

The clinical information you need from an efficient, ergonomic, mid-acuity monitor.

A lightweight bedside monitor that goes virtually everywhere your patient goes. Adaptability for every acuity. Meet even the highest acuity patient needs and help ensure reliable results at every stage of patient care.


Customize the comprehensive set of parameters to integrate seamlessly and enable bb850 and accurate decision support. View data and get clinical intelligence from multiple sources: Connect to displays, printers, recording devices and other monitors for bed-to-bed viewingor to data management software devices via a network.

Increase clinical workflow efficiency by customizing alarms to match the procedure or patient needs. Easily train all staff experience levels on the intuitive user interface. Leverage your existing network and protect your long-term investment with scalability, flexibility and upgradability.

Choose options for software, hardware, parameters and other capabilities cardscape keep pace with technology without purchasing all new equipment. Get in-person, remote or off-site service to keep your system running efficiently while lowering maintenance costs.

Capable of hour data storage with 36 arrhythmia events, 10 ST segments, 20 cardiac calculations and 10 pulomanary calculations. Integrates the measurement of the level of neuromuscular block and provides a quantitative, automatic measurement of muscle response to an electrical stimulus. Integrates the thermodilution cardiac output C. ScvO2 measurement can also be obtained with a separate licence.

Provides a less invasive continuous cardiac output CCO measurement based on pulse contour calculation, transpulmonary thermodilution cardiac output C.