Find great deals for Buderus Logamatic R so Heizungsregelung. Shop with confidence on eBay!. The R is a microprocessor-based control for use with hydronic heating systems. The R features weather compensation for maximum comfort and fuel. Buy New or Surplus BUDERUS (LOGAMATIC BOILER CONTROL 30% FUEL USAGE REDUCTION) parts. Radwell also repairs BUDERUS

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You’ll be surprised with our pricing which is competitive with lesser quality systems! This forum requires that you wait 20 seconds between posts. How long has this been installed? Adjusting the aquastat knob on the does not help either. Rather than tie directly to the GPIO interface on the Pi I had purchased a PiFace relay board which was designed to accept such inputs and can be accessed programmatically with python.

And the resulting log with Start Time epoch timeEnd time, Duration and current Oil burner hours after burn. Powering down and back up makes no difference.

Buderus Logamatic 2107 R2107 so Heizungsregelung

I can’t find anything about this in the manuals. Power Quality Pro’s Forum: Relay is good, as budersu burner motor. Yes, the connections are tight!! Site Search Search the Technical Heating website for products, services, projects or heating guides.


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The regulatory system Logamatic – Buderus – ARCHISPACE

Can someone tell me what’s up with this? Periodically, when the temp of the boiler drops to around 80 degrees, fall 50 degree nights after 70 degree days the Logamatic appears to experience a “cold” lockout and will not fire up the burner.

Call Technical Heating, Long Island, NY heating experts, for a free no-obligation oil heat, gas heat, solar heat, or wood heating assessment and a free project cost estimate ator use our contact page to send us email. Heating Projects Learn about the many heating system projects which have been completed by Technical Heating. Sounds like a bad connection if I didn’t know any better.

My father has another Italian expression “Quando arriva, scriva! The Aquasmart has an optional wireless oudoor reset sensor available which brings it up bucerus the level of the control.

Not much thermal load is needed at these times. As stated above, we can’t give DIY repair advice, sorry.

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Them I have to force the burner on again to get the boiler temp to about HVAC-Talk is proudly provided by: I had been playing with the Raspberry Pia credit card sized computer that runs a Linux variant and thought this was the best approach for me. Logamatic turns on, burner relay clicks, flame comes on LCD, and no power to the burner!


Immediately the burner fires up! I needed a digital hour meter that would record oil burner usage to an electronic file that could then be analyzed to determine usage.

How long has it been doing these “antics”? I then short out the two end wires on the high limit shutdown box to the left of the aquastat knob.

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Getting Pumped for ! Hopefully someone else has come across this. Skip to main content. Building Success with Routines and Rituals. View my complete profile. Please try again in 50 seconds. Then One Foggy Service Call I keep the wires shorted until the boiler reaches a temp 21107 about degrees.